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Gender Equality In-Game

Pirate101 had this interesting tidbit in their latest Newsletter regarding equality in the purchases between boys and girls.

 Then I had a light bulb moment. We all know that, if you didn't by now, Toys R Us removed the gender labels from children's toys and other sections. This way, girls can pick whatever toys they want, whether it be princesses or soldiers. And the same goes for boys. Many people don't realize that when we limit the girls and their choices, it also limits their future job choices and their self esteem to succeed at those. For example, there are not enough female scientists because usually boys are encouraged to play with science kits, not girls. Apparently science kits are masculine. Go figure.

But, what does this say about the gaming community? Do we need to improve this gender equality, especially with games that kids play as well? For example, currently in Wizard101, boys cannot dye their clothes pink. Also according to Monoplex who commented that girls can't dye their clothes brown since brown is supposed to be masculine. Also what about clothing style? Monoplex also mentioned that there are not enough pant options for girls since pants he thinks are masculine. What if girls want to dress up like a boy and vice versa? Is this something that we should fix?

Should we also push for this change in the gaming community, so either gender can be whoever they want to be? If they want pink or brown clothes or whatever? Should there be three clothing sets; feminine, masculine and both/neither for each design? Or do you think the way we are in the gaming community is fine?

I think personally we might need minor tweaks as in more dye color availability to both genders and maybe gender exchangeable gear looks, but nothing major.

But, I'm more curious about what you all think, so let us know. Do you think we need no change, maybe minor changes or a major change? 

Thanks to Monoplox for pointing out that girls in Wizard101 can't dye their clothes brown as well as not enough pant options for girls. Blog Post now includes those facts.

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