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Pirate101's Ranked PvP Fall Season Is Coming Soon!

Pirate101 Ranked PvP comes in seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Every time a season comes, it means that your rank is possibly going to be reset as well as all of the PvP Vendors' items will be switched out for new ones. Right now, we are in the Summer Season. But the Fall season is rapidly coming soon!

If you press C, then click on the PvP tab on the top, you can see your stats. But not only that, you can see how much time is left in the Summer season. It's right below the Current Rank.

The above is an example. By now, the time left will be much shorter. I figured it out that by Saturday evening, about 6pm CST, the time will run out. However Bonnie Anne, who is one of the Community Leaders of Pirate101, said that it will start on Sunday, Sept 20th.

At this point, I'm not sure if the timer is accurate. But just be aware that the time is ticking! Quite loudly too! Get your ranks, weapons or anything else that you wanted from the PvP vendors now before the Summer season is out. Once the Fall season, we will get to see what kind of surprises they have.

The Summer Season Items

Just in case you forgot what's available. Here's a small reminder.

Apex Sharks for each class.

Chessboard and its pieces along with super awesome Housing Art interactive furniture.

If you want to know what specific gear there are, go into Pirate101 and take a gander.

Have a brawlin' good time, Pirates!

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