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Pirate101's Ranked PvP Fall Season Is Here!

It's official. Last night, on September 19th, the Fall season started for Pirate101's Ranked PvP. With that, we saw new items come in.

The new Fall weapons for PvP has leaves constantly falling from them. So cool!

Above are the Level 60+ Weapons. However, there are more at the PvP Weapon Vendor for all levels. You just have to be a Contender in PvP to able to buy them. I simply posted the Level 60 because let's face it, most of our chars are Level 60 plus lol. But there's a pretty cool card on those weapons, the Angry Orchard. Pretty cool. Can't wait to see how they appear in battle.

Not only that, there was also new PvP pets! This time, it was of a feathered variety - the Raptors. Each bird has a different color on its head. For Swashbuckler, it was purple. Like the Apex sharks, they cost 500 Scrip.

I trained it up to Adult and did not get any talents that were interesting. I am hoping that more people will train the raptor pets and reveal what is new in their talent pool

The furniture vendor did not have anything new which I was surprised by. But maybe someday, that will change. The secret trainers also had nothing new. At least now we know what will be refreshed with new items every season and what will not be for sure.

There's also one more thing - Badges. There are now new badges for PvP. Mine is Summer PvP Contender because I stink lol. But whatever rank you were in PvP for that Season will show in the name. Hence, Summer PvP "Contender."

Good luck in PvP!

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