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Polaris Is Coming To Wizard101?!!!!

While reading the Wizard101 Producer's Letter from Leah Ruben aka Professor Falmea for September, we have discovered that in the end of the letter, there is a sneak peek of the upcoming world that will come to Wizard101 soon!

You can find the sneak peek at: https://www.wizard101.com/coming2015


You see, in Pirate101, Napolequin is a penguin who pretends that he's tall and he hails from Polaris. This picture has penguins and and snow. If you watch the puppet show below, you will see that Polaris is a very cold world where there are penquins. It does match up with the above picture. It seems obvious that us wizards will be visiting Polaris.

Does this mean that we will see Napolequin in Wizard101? In Pirate101, we break him free from the Fort Elena prison. Did Napolequin cause enough chaos to spill into the Wizard101 universe once set free?! Did we pirates make another mistake that caused an effect that we did not predict? After all, Napolequin once tried to take over the spiral... Will he do it again? Probably.

If you have not played Pirate101 yet or have not got to the part about Napolequin, check out the puppet show below.

Are you excited?!!! I know I am!

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