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What To Expect For October in Wizard101?

Since October will be here in a day or so, I have decided to list what should we expect for October in Wizard101? Here's five expectations for October.

1. New Wizard101 Bundles

We will be expecting two new bundles on September 30th - The $39 Polaris Bundle and the $29 Jeweler's Bundle both from GameStop. YES NEW BUNDLES! I have listed this first because tomorrow they should arrive according to GameStop stores across the country tomorrow. It depends on their shipments, but the general date is tomorrow. Hopefully your local stores receives its shipment on time. If not, you might have to wait a few days. Make sure that you call your stores and stop by tomorrow September 30th!

2. Major Content Test Realm

We will be seeing possibly the final sneak peek on October 1st. Once that's done, we will be seeing Test Realm very soon for the brand new major content in Wizard101! Aren't you excited?! I know I am!

Every Thursday like clockwork, a poster is allowed to be removed. So in two days, the final poster will be removed. Or will it be the final one? We'll see! Keep your eyes peeled at: https://www.wizard101.com/coming2015

After this, we should fully expect test realm to come soon, possibly in a few weeks!


3. Halloween Packs Returns

Two Halloween Packs returns, the Harrowing and the Nightmare packs. The great thing about this year's packs is that the Harrowing pack has new items that was accidentally leaked like the ram horns and cat ears. Those items have not been found in game before. The people at Wizard101 must have put new items in the pack thinking that people wouldn't find out about the new update until the pack was sold again. The Winged Catastrophe pet was also from that pack. I know a lot of people were so excited that the pet spread like wildfire. So what other new items that we haven't seen yet is in the Harrowing pack? Or maybe the Nightmare pack? I can't wait to find out. I really want those cat ears.

4. Halloween Fish Returns

Remember the Vampire Fish? Yep the Vampire Fish and its evil spawn, the Black Cat and FrankenFish will be swimming in our lakes and rivers and streams. I just received confirmation from a Kingsisle staff worker that there will not be new holiday fish in addition to the above three known Halloween fish. If you have missed out on your chance to reel them spooky fish last year, this is your chance!

5. Halloween Quests Returns

Yep, the Halloween quests will return. Jack Hallow will introduce the quests like he has always done every year. Not only that, the Nosferabbit quest will come along which are great for low level wizards. If you haven't done it already, there's even a great reward - the cute Frankenbunny pet!

What are you most excited for? I personally can't wait for the Test Realm and new Bundles! The new items from those packs doesn't hurt either!

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