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Wizard101 Is Now Seven Years Old!

It's Wizard101's 7th Birthday today! With that, there are neat things happening such as new items, free gifts, events and more! Don't forget to check the Commons of Wizard City to watch the Phoenix in the sky spew confetti and then explode in confetti. Yep, Wizard City means business when it comes to celebrating the game's birthday. This makes my Pyro heart very fiery in a good way watching this happen.

New Items in Crown Shop!

Woof woof, what a cute puppy! I named mine Elvis because we all know that Elvis knows how to rock 'n roll!

Also sold for 1250 Crowns

Apparently this cake is interactive! You can blow out the candles or light them up.

Now we got neat party furniture to decorate a party room!

All Member Benefits Are Back!

Yep, ALL of them until September 8th. Hurry, wizard, try them all today!

This means that your pet will receive double XP when you train it in the pet mini games!

You can buy back your training points, so you can get the right spells for your character.

Gardening is double the fun now. You can get double gardening xp and rewards from each plant you harvest at elder. Hurry up and plant them all in time so they can become elder before this event is over!

Free Tournaments! Yes, this means you can get more tickets for free!

Wizard101 Events Are Back!

The 5 Boxes Event

Yasssssss bae! Super awesome! You can farm for the super rare Bone Dragon mount now if you don't have it already. Maybe now we can find out what are the missing Lost Pages badges.

If you are wondering where to start for the Lost Pages event, check out my guide at:

There are now two new Lost Pages badges you could earn.

Spell Checker - Defeat 50 Spellwrit Mobs
Spell Writer - Defeat 250 Spellwrit Mobs

Wizard101 Giveaways!

You can get your free item at:

This pet is so cool that it has its own party egg image!

Gobbler Fish Is Back!

Yep, Wizard101's birthday fish is now available in Wizard City's ponds. The Gobbler Fish is a Rank 1 Balance fish which is found in all ponds and rivers of Wizard City.

And the neat thing is you can buy the brand new Party Multi Tank from the Crown Shop for all of your Gobblerfish!

And One More Thing!

Yes, Kingsisle is going to have a livestream show tomorrow, Sept 3rd at 4pm CST. Don't forget to mark it on your calendars for this exciting show! To see it, go to:

And tonight, Professor Greyrose and Massively will have a birthday livestream at 6pm CST where they will be giving away prizes. Check them out at: Massivelyop.com/optv

Have a super wonderful day in Wizard101!

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