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A Live Sneak Peek of Polaris in KI Livestream!

On the KI Livestream, the Wizard101 and Pirate101 community leaders actually showed us a bit of what Polaris looks like on their developer server which is only available to KingsIsle workers. They even showed what the first quest and battle is all about. And no, Polaris is not open to the public yet. But it is clear to me that by next week, we will be running into Test Realm to visit this marvelous world!

If you look carefully, you can notice the Northern Lights in the sky. It's so beautiful. Snow and incredible buildings every where. Even the Arch in the middle of the square. In the distance, you can notice bulb shaped roof of a building. Stunningly beautiful.

Our very first quest. It gives approx 210k xp! Nice eh?

Notice the terms in the first quest. Empress Antuskette the First, Walruskberg which is the first area we visit, Pingouins and Basstille which is obviously is a prison area.

It's clear that the royalty are Walruses, Polar Bears are soldiers and the Penguins are the peasants in this world. Excuse me, Pinqouins.

Could the above be the Basstile? It sure looks like a prison!

Notice the second poster? That's possibly the Queen of Monsquista! Will we be seeing Monquistans in this world? I am very intrigued by this.

But I was most excited about this vendor, the Snow Globe Maker. What does this mean?! We can craft our own Snow Globes?! I was a bit disappointed that it is not WEATHER globe maker. I would have loved globes that rained, did fireworks and more. But hey at least we can craft Snow Globes!

If you want to see the sneak peek of Polaris for yourself, check out the video above. You will be able to see the first battle as well. I suggest you forward to 31:00 to get to the super awesome Polaris part! Enjoy!

A Live Sneak Peek of Polaris in KI Livestream! A Live Sneak Peek of Polaris in KI Livestream! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Friday, October 16, 2015 Rating: 5

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