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Another Concept Teaser from Wizard101!

Today, Wizard101 has released yet ANOTHER sneak peek teaser at the upcoming new world expansion, Polaris!

Looking at the picture, it's clear that you have to wear fur coats here. But in the distance, a statue stands tall. I causually mentioned that it is a penguin crying. Then someone chimed in saying, "actually that looks like Grandma Raven." Then I took another look. Could it be? He's probably right. But then there are penguins with crazy eyebrows. Check out some of them below.

The Erect-Crested Penguin

The Fiordland Penguin

The Macaroni Penguin

The Rockhopper Penguin

The Royal Penguin

The Snare Penguin

So which one could it be? Grandma Raven or the crazy eyebrowed penguins? Guess we will find out soon!

The Adeline Penguin

In addition to the crazy eyebrowed penguins above, I would love an Adeline Penguin as a pet. They have a cool mohawk thing going!

Aren't you excited?! I know I am!

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