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My Favorite Things About Pirate101

I found myself humming "My Favorite Things." Then I realized that what if I listed my favorite things about Pirate101 for Pirate101's Third Birthday. Hey, you find inspiration for ideas ANYWHERE...

The Story

It goes without saying that I adore Pirate101's story. The pirate orphans who lost their parents and now has a huge task - stopping the Armada Elite who's bent on dominating and controlling the spiral. I mean, you couldn't find a better story than THAT!

The Characters

Boochbeard is such a sweetheart with that twinkle in his eye. Wait, maybe that twinkle is because he's eyeing your wallet. I don't know. But he's sure helpful... kinda.. not really. Sure, he taught you how to fight and sail ships. But that's pretty much it. You got to admit it though that when he does show up, you can't help but say ARGGGGGGH, piratey friend. He's your biggest fan for sure! There's so many great characters in the game. Catbeard was one. His talk about pants and sardines were perfect. Just perfect.

The Worlds

It's so refreshing to explore the new worlds with stuff you haven't seen before. I mean, can you imagine going into a giant skull? Climbed a volcano? Walked through a giant leviathan skeleton? That's just to name a few... 

The Mobs

There's so many varying mobs of every kind. But I think my favorite might be the Lava Fish. I know it's silly but the way you defeat them is hilarious. They act like they're being flushed in an invisible toilet. I'm not kidding... The most grossest mob probably are the Skarakeets. They poop on you during battle. Yep, they poop. 

The Ships

Man, the biggest awesomest raddest thing about this game is ship battling. I love ship battling so much. It's so much fun firing your cannons and declaring victory when their ship goes down. You feel like a true pirate!!! The ships are actually my favorite thing in this game. It's just super fun!

Our Companions

Not only that, the characters that we get to bring along with us on quests makes it much more meaningful. Every time they chime in during quests makes it more real and meaningful. We groan, we laugh and we cheer when they say something. You can practically imagine Bonnie Anne glaring at Ratbeard and rolling her eyes.

The Pets

There's so many kinds of pets you can think of in Pirate101. This includes hybrids. My favorite is the Bullrog. It's this wicked awesome Minotaur/Demon pet on fire. When you got that hybrid pet equipped, people know NOT to mess with you.

The Mounts

You have so many kinds of mounts that you could think of. There's bicycles, animals of all kinds, even transport golems and wings.

The Houses

The houses they got are so varying. The one above has this cool goonies style of opening a door to a secret room that give you treasure in the form of scrip or gold. The others have their own niche. Secret rooms, caves, towers and more. The way they built the houses is amazing. They're usually very large where you have the room to decorate whatever you want. When you walk around in one, you can't help but love the personal touches, the roomy feel, and the beautiful design. Look at that night sky!

The Furniture

Man, there's so many cool furniture in this game. There's so many that I can't even pick a favorite. Cool Ranch furniture is pretty cool though because it has the wild wild west type of theme. And we all know that theme is super cool! Not only that, there's huge pavilions you could get for you houses like the one in the picture above. It's a furniture of luxury and coolness. Once you set it down, you know it's time to party!

The Stormgates

The stormgates are the most beautiful thing I've seen in-game. It helps you to travel between worlds and man is it stunning. I absolutely love the mini worlds floating around. I remember in Pirate101 Beta being blown away. And to this day, every time I go through, I am again blown away.

What are your favorite things about Pirate101? Comment away!

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