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The Brand New Jewel Crafter's Bundle from Wizard101!

Brand new Jewel Crafter's Bundle from GameStop that only costs $29 but comes with pretty nifty sparkling things! Can you say bling, bling?!

The biggest item in this bundle is the Bountiful Mine which gives you a daily reward. It could be gold, reagents, maybe jewels!

 The Jeweler's Mount

 The Colors You Can Dye Your Mount

It cost me around 5k gold to dye for each base and trim color. So altogether, it would cost me 10k gold.

 The Jeweler's Pet

The Colors You Can Dye The Pet

Some colors come two tone, some one. The average cost for dying the pet is around 2300 gold.

 The Animation of the Pet While Idle

 The Jeweler's Gear

 The Jeweler's Weapons

 The bundle comes with eight weapons. One with stats, the other seven with no stats. Yes, you get all of them. You do not have to pick one. You can redeem ALL of them, then decide which one to use to stitch.

Non Stats Hammers - For Stitching Purposes Only

As always, you also get either 5k crowns or a prepaid 1 month membership to Pirate101 or Wizard101. But they also added a bonus 100 crowns for stitching! Isn't that nice of them?!

Here's an official video from Wizard101 on the Jewel Crafter's bundle!

Official Wizard101 Page On The Jewel Crafter's Bundle:

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