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What's Inside Pirate101's Birthday Presents?

So it's October which means Halloween. But not only that, it's Pirate101's 3rd Birthday! Everywhere in Skull Island, you will find those awesome presents that now drop loot! You can get pets, temporary mounts, eyepatches, furniture and pet snacks! The neat thing is there are actually NEW furniture and pets. I am sure I'm missing some, but here's the info I could gather the best as I could.


None of the items below are new. But still you're getting free eyepatches which normally cost 100 crowns!

Birthday Eyepatch
Autumn Eyepatch
Jack O'Lantern Eyepatch
Metal Eyepatch
Pirate Eyepatch
Crossbones Eyepatch

The Karma Paper Dragon


The Karma pets are brand new, never seen in-game before. However, the Crawlie is not a new pet. It's actually a known card pet.

Karma Chameleon
Karma Paper Dragon
Birthday Cake Crawlie


7-Day Temporary Mounts:

Some mounts are new while some are not.

Armored Scorpion
Sky Shark
Pouncing Panther
Riding Lion
Lonely Buffaloon
Transport Golem
Solar Saber
Forest Tiger
Jaunty Jaguar
Flying Turtle
Lurching Lobster
Prancing Pony
Pirate Parrot
Aquilan Pegasus
Clockwork Wings


Most of the items below are new.

* - New Items

Red Checker*
Black Checker*
Gumball Machine*
Tall Sundae*
Small Toy Train Set*
Toy Train Set*
Blue Party Gift*
Ship in a Bottle
Toy Monkey
Piggy Bank
Theater Mask
Teddy Bear

Pet Snacks:

None of the pet snacks are new.

Decimatoes - Rank 6

Kippers - Rank 5
Albion Eggs
Moolong Tea
Farm Fresh Yum
Haggis Crisp
Fortune Cookies
Stymphalian Birdseed

Chilly Cos Queso - Rank 4
Buffaloon Patties
Wholly Frijoles
Junction Jerky
Banana Burger
Miranda Midas
Tumbleweed Toast

Banana Kabobs - Rank 3
Breakfast Tacos
Pan Fried Banana
Banana Soup
Banana Creole

Mystery Nuggets - Rank 2
Molten Lava Cake

Fish Fingers - Rank 1

Which ones are you most excited about? I loved the new furniture and pets. It was pretty cool finally getting something other than confetti from those presents. The pet snacks didn't hurt either!

If you find anything missing or incorrect, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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