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Caleb Silverflame's Hoard Pack Release History!

Thanks to Caleb Silverflame who made a great chart outlining when and which pack were released in Wizard101. Apparently if you read below carefully, Caleb shows that the releases of new packs are slowing down. Also he mentioned that 2012 was the busiest year for new packs.

I am amazed that there was 418 days between Islander's Hoard and Nightmare Pack. WOW! That's more than a year between releases!

29 Days were the shortest between Kirin's Hoard and Ninja's Lore, making them the closest pack releases. If you notice in the early years, there were usually 1, 2 or 3 months between releases.

In 2012, there were EIGHT new packs released! Holy Meatballs. Boy, KingsIsle used to be really busy when it came to packs.

In 2014, only two new packs were released. The slowest year ever.

I am personally glad that they are slowing down. My wallet needs a break lol. But I can't wait to see what other new packs they will come up with next. I am still waiting for Thanksgiving and Easter packs. Imagine all of the bunnies and eggs?! Plus Thanksgiving dinner furniture? YASSSSSSSS.

Thanks Caleb Silverflame for the above neat chart!

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