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SotS Winner Art Showcase: Autumn Leaf

"Make Sure To Watch Your Step! If you fall off, there's no way you're coming back alive." - Autumn Leaf

I saw this and I decided right there that I will be doing something new. I will pick one or more of my liking of entries that are submitted for our official contests to be put in a blog post every once in a while. I mean sheesh, look at that art above. That deserves some attention. That's one fine work!

To see that art up close, simply click on the photo above and it will enlarge.

In this contest, I asked for a spooky house that's set either in Darkmoor or Krokotopia for Halloween. To my delight, Autumn Leaf made a fantastic one that's set in Krokotopia. Now that's a nice twist. I mean, have anyone thought about Krokotopia being spooky? Maybe dry, maybe a bit humid, but surely not spooky. But like Autumn Leaf has shown, it is surely possible. I love the idea of making the strange or impossible as possible. I now want a spooky Krokotopia house complete with mummies, bats and even ghost crocs!

Crikey! Danger Danger! as Steve Irwin would say.

Thank you Autumn Leaf for entering our contest and we hope to see you again soon with another fantastic artwork of yours.

SotS Winner Art Showcase: Autumn Leaf SotS Winner Art Showcase: Autumn Leaf Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Sunday, November 01, 2015 Rating: 5

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