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Wizard101 Glitch Showcase: Harmony Everhart's Flashing Flowers

Harmony Everhart saw a fantastic video on someone's flashing flowers in Wizard101 then raved about it. At first, I was like what do you mean? Flashing Flowers? HUH? Then she showed me the video of what she meant and I was blown away. I don't know who made the original flashing flowers. But I commend them on for finding out how to create it. They somehow was able to glitch two kinds of flowers together and make it flash on its own as you walked around. As in if you put orange and blue together, it'll flash orange, blue, orange, blue. It's genius!
Harmony was determined to find out how to make flashing flowers because she wanted her own. After a bit of struggle, she finally figured it out and made a video below to show others how to create it too! I hope to see more flashing flowers in all of your houses soon!
Thank you so much Harmony Everhart for making this marvelous video. And thank you to whoever created the original flashing flowers, man you rawk!
If you have any more cool glitches that you want to show others, let me know so I can feature it on this blog. Have a great week!

Wizard101 Glitch Showcase: Harmony Everhart's Flashing Flowers Wizard101 Glitch Showcase: Harmony Everhart's Flashing Flowers Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Sunday, November 01, 2015 Rating: 5

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