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Brand New Polaris Pet Drops

So there's brand new pets dropped in Polaris. Yep. This is still a work in progress, so bear with me. Hahaha, that was not an intended pun. But hey, it's cool. Hahaha, again, not intended as a pun.

New Polaris Dropped Pets

Mountain Yeti, Ice, Gives an Iceblade Card
Dropped By Clooso, Sea Chicken

Ygor's Grimoire, Death, Gives a Poison Card
Dropped by Ygor

Photo Credit To AngelTheWizard

Detolli's Dragon, Fire, Gives a Meteor Strike Card
Dropped By Detolli The Destroyer

Photo Credit to Paul Frankel III

Vissarovich's Icehound, Ice, Gives an Availing Hands Card
Dropped By Warden Vissarovich

Beastmaster's Eagle, Balance, Gives a Bladestorm Card
Dropped by Ludus The Beast Master

Intrepid Seal Pup, Fire, Gives a Firespear Card at Baby. Then Fire Prism at Adult or Ancient
Dropped By Inspector Colousseau, Lord Gruff, Rasputin, Captain Loranzo of Sea Chicken

Baby Yaga's Egg, Myth, Gives a Blinding Light Card
Dropped by Baba Yaga

Ivanenko's Tiger, Storm, Gives an Insane Bolt Card
Dropped by Ivanvenko

Baby Chieftain's Owl, Balance, Gives an Guidance Card
Dropped by the roaming boss in Frozen River of Tears

Polaris Pets For Gold

Timberland Yeti, Life, Gives a Lifeblade Card
Bought For Gold

Already Exists As A Hybrid, But New As First Generation

This pet is only found as a Hybrid in live. But apparently now it's available as a First Generation pet. How neat!

Glacier Dragon, Ice, Gives a Bone Dragon Card
Dropped By Captain Lorenzo, Sea Chicken

Other Pets That Already Exists, But Drops In Polaris

Ice Bird, Ice, Gives an Icebird Card
Dropped By Imperial Justice Payne

Snowball, Ice, Gives a Snowball Strike Card
Dropped By Inspector Brigadiers, Inspector Generals, Sea Lions (Mob), Sea Chicken Battle

Nodori Winged Ram, Ice, Gives an Ice Prism Card
Dropped by Ivan, Tundarian Enforcer

Polar Bear Cub, Ice, Gives a Woolly Mammoth Card
Dropped By Sea Lions (Mob)

Arctic Ninja Pig, Ice, Gives No Card
Dropped By Sea Lions (Mob)

White Winter Owl, Ice (Crown Shop Pet)
Dropped By Inspector Generals

New Skeleton Key Pet

Polterpooch, Death, Gives a triple death shield card
Dropped from the new Skeleton Key boss in Sunken City

New Polaris Hybrids

Wildwood Yeti, Death, Gives a Deathblade Card
Hybrid between Mountain Yeti and Timberland Yeti

Playful Seal Pup, Storm, Gives a Stormspear Card (Then Storm Convert at Anicent)
Hybrid between Cunning Seal and Interpid Seal

New Pets in Crown Shop

Cunning Seal, Myth, Gives a Mythblade card
Sells for 10k Crowns in Crown Shop

I Need Your Help!

But if you can either allow me to take pictures of your pet or you can give your own for use below, let me know and I will credit you. Also if you know of more drop locations for the following pets, please let me know as well, so I can add them. You can either tweet me or leave a comment below. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have the cunning seal pup for myth and i got it to ancient and it gives me myth spear and 24 critical rating for myth attacks and a myth prism.

  2. My name on wizard101 is brand titantamwer lvl 50

  3. Hi, I was lucky enough to win all the pets on your list but the Artic Ninja pig.. SO if you need more pics like Baba Yaga"s egg pet or the Owls both brown and white and more that are missing look for me as my 6 Wizards are all done with the game and go out to help as mercenaries.. Tonight I will be helping in the first part of Khrysalis helping Valkoor get his shadow spells.. I may be on Destiny Wildflame, Katherine Stormcloud, Katherine Firegem, or my Death Olivia Rose... All my girls wear Deer horns for hats and have Darkmoor robes on.. I will be in Pixie realm in the next few min over by the cannon game in the pet center if your are on now..


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