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What Are Your Best Friendship Stories?

I'm quite curious what is your best friendship story you had in Wizard101 or Pirate101. Please post yours in the comments below this blog post.

One of my favorite friendship stories actually happened in a dungeon. I remember being so bored in the Waterworks dungeon. This was years ago when we were Level 60 and we needed our Level 60 Waterworks gear. Boy, those days were brutal.

While farming with my friends, I suddenly hear Cody and Timmy, two of my best friends singing Adele songs. But Cody would sing one song and Timmy would sing another. It was marvelous how they sang together, one line after other like it was one song, not two. I would never forget that moment. It made the whole run fun listening to them sing the whole way through. It made farming easier. Ah, the good old days of Wizard101!

What's yours?!

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