Monday, February 6, 2017

The "Let's Spread Some Love" Project

Here's a contest for you all! I had this crazy idea. But I thought why not? I want you to create a real life valentine card with a positive message where you can leave it for someone to find it. Maybe you will cheer someone day or make their day.

What We Need:

My only requirement is that you create a card shaped like a heart, write a positive but simple message, place it somewhere where people will find it, take a picture of it and post it in the topic post.


The heart has to be white, pink or red. It can be small enough to fit in your hand. We will also need two photos.

1 - Please take a picture of the inside of the card with the random positive quote you wrote in the place where you left the card. Make it Instagram worthy. Take a picture of it being somewhere where people are, on a Starbucks table, wedged in a school locker, in a library book, on a church pew. And the heart might look better if it was decorated, just saying.

***The picture with the quote should just be like the picture below.***

My own card and photo as an example. Like it? :D
I wrote "You Are Loved"

2 - Also take a second picture of the back of the card where you will write "#TheSotSProject." This is just to prove that you didn't steal it off the internet. When you take this picture, please take the picture where you are leaving the card, so both photos match up.

**Do not send us a picture of you making it, posing with it or leaving it on your dining room table.**

Now, to be fair, I ask for one heart card for each entry. But, I really do hope you guys make many heart cards and spread them around anyway with different messages. We need more positivity, kindness and love right now.



First Place: 10,000 Crowns, Lovely Leopard (W101 Pet), Bunny Hug (P101 Pet)


I just loved that the quote fit the location. Had to give you bonus points for that lol.

Second Place: 5,000 Crowns, Lovely Ladybug (W101 Pet), Huggle Hoggle (P101 Pet)

**Scarlet Firesong**

I loved that you drew a ruby on it. Just was a nice touch!

Third Place: 5,000 Crowns, Lovely Ladybug (W101 Pet), Huggle Hoggle (P101 Pet)

**Geneviere Flower**

I absolutely loved the quote. Who cannot resist a quote by Winnie the Pooh.

Two Runner Ups: 1,000 Crowns, Cupig (W101 Pet), Friendship Grouper (P101 Pet)

**Brandon Owlsword**

I loved the way you decorated your heart. It looked so cute.

**Kevin Blackmore**

Wished I could see the quote, even though you told me what it was. But at least you placed it somewhere where people will find it.

Bonus Runner Up Winner: 1,000 Crowns, Cupig (W101 Pet), Friendship Grouper (P101 Pet)

Since I had one more code left, I decided to add one more winner

**Saif Raghuraj**

Loved the card you made!

Winners - Please Check Your Email For Your Prize Codes!

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