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The Master Monstrologist List: A Complete Guide To Animus Monsters

This guide is still in progress. What I am doing though is making a master Monstrologist list, so you can look from a glance which ones count towards your world count.

For instance, if you hover over the tab of the world icon in the Monstrology Tome, you will see a number. It will say 1/76 for Wizard City. This means 76 unique Animus monsters to discover in this world alone. Animus monsters meaning any Undead, Parrots, Polar Bears and Wyrms. Some worlds have two kinds of Animus monsters.

If you guys can help, that would be great. It would be faster with everyone chipping in with their information to make this guide more complete. And of course, you will be credited under Guide Helpers in this post.

Thank you!

Guide Helpers:

Bryan Bendickson, Iridian Willowglen, Jennifer Rainbringer, Caleb Silverflame, Emma Spiritcaller, NextGen_Neptune

*Skeleton Key Boss

***Wizard City***

77 Monsters


Angrus Hollowsoul, Rank 8
Argent Clatterer, Rank 7
Crypt Crawler, Rank 7
Field Guard, Rank 2
Fire Shrieker, Rank 7
Foulgaze, Rank 3
Frost Phantom, Rank 6
Grubb, Rank 3, Sunken City
Haunted Minion, Rank 1
Lady Blackhope, Rank 2
Living Scarecrow, Rank 3
Lord Nightshade, Rank 3
Lost Soul, Rank 1
Kyanite Mummy, Rank 11 (From Wysteria's Helephant Tower)
Melweena Smite, Rank 3
Norton, Rank 3
Orrick Nightglider, Rank 8
Paulson, Rank 3
Rattlebones, Rank 1
Rotted Fodder, Rank 2
Rotting Fodder, Rank 2
Scarlet Screamer, Rank 2
Scarlet Screecher, Rank 2
Sergeant Skullsplitter, Rank 2
Skeletal Corsair, Rank 1
Skeletal Pirate, Rank 1
Skeletal Warrior , Rank 2
Swimming Specters, Rank 10
The Harvest Lord, Rank 3
Viridian Specter, Rank 8
Wailing Wraith, Rank 3
Wandering Specter, Rank 3
Wormguts, Rank 2

Skeleton Key Bosses:
Simon The Sayer*, Rank 2, Sunken City

Nosferabbit, Rank 3, Holiday Boss, Haunted Cave

Halloween Adept Tower:
Death Whisperer
Howling Ghost
Midnight Shuffler
The Reaper

Halloween Master Tower:
Maiden of Hate
Skeletal Retainer
Pumpkin Head


From Tanglewood Terror:
Dead Beets (Tier 1)
Dead Beets (Tier 2)
Dead Beets (Tier 3)
Dead Beets (Tier 4)
Dead Beets (Tier 5)
Desparagus (Tier 1)
Desparagus (Tier 2)
Desparagus (Tier 3)
Desparagus (Tier 4)
Desparagus (Tier 5)
Meanest Fly-Trap (Tier 1), Rank 2
Meanest Fly-Trap (Tier 2)
Meanest Fly-Trap (Tier 3)
Meanest Fly-Trap (Tier 4)
Meanest Fly-Trap (Tier 5), Rank 12


From Rattlebones:
Rattlebones (Exalted Duel)
Rattlebones (Master Duel)

**18 Monsters Missing**


4 Monsters


Boatswain McGee, Rank 11
Chief Mate McGurk, Rank 11
Doomed Bones, Rank 12
Lost Maiden, Rank 11



34 Monsters


Ahnic Strider
Akori Nirini
Condemned Soldier (House of Scales)
Crypt Scavenger
Defender Of The Fang
Djeserit Dweller
Forgotten Djeserit Soul
Grumish GreatAxe
Guardian Of The Fang
Itennu Sokkwi
Karanahn DeathFeeder
Karanahn Mortifier
Keeper Of The Fang
King Shemet Djeserit
King Uro Ahnic
Nirini Ancient Guard 
Nirini Fire Spirit 
Nirini Intimidator
Pike SpiritCrusher
Protector Of The Fang
Queen Irisi Djeserit 
Risen Djeserit 
Shambling Ahnic
Soul Scavenger
Soul of the Charmed
The Bonekeeper
Vault Haunter
Vigilant Defender
Wandering Ahnic Spirit

Condemned Solider, Rank 8, Upper Zigazag



13 Monsters


Agony Wraith
Grave Phantom
Half-Witted Skeleton
Icy Ghost
Lazy Henchman
Nightmare Spirit
Seething Wraith
Shield Skeleton
Tired Fighter
Tomb Roamer

**1 Monster Missing**


13 Monsters


Cursed Ronin
Death Solider
Dishonored Samoorai
Grieff Spectre
Howling Shade
Kakeda Spirit Slave
Oyotomi The Defiler
Sorrow Whisperer
Tomugawa The Evil
Tortured Kakeda Soul
Walking Dead



84 Monsters


Andor BristleBack
Armored BoneWalker
Barbarian Spirit
Beghastion CrowCaller
Beghastion FieldBurner
Bone Warrior
Boris Blackrock
Bound Specter
Crying Spirit (Also found in Mooshu BOX)
Dark Poltergeist
Decayed BlackGuard
Decaying BlackGuard
Devora ShadowCrown
Drusilla MorningBlade
Fleshless Sentry
Fleshrot Retriever
Foul Reaper
Gallium Footman
Gallium Juggernaut 
Gallium Paladin 
Gallium ShardTrooper
Ghastly Slave
Ghost Of Sylvia Drake
Iona Pyrelance
Irate Banshee
Katia Firewinter
Kyanite Lancer
Kyanite Lieutenant 
Kyanite Valkyrie
Loathsome Creeper
Mavra FlameWing
Necrotic Haunter 
Orin GrimCaster
Petrov Gloomstrider
Pirate Ravager
Reanimated Draconian
Restless Solider
Rotten Scallywag
Rurik Flamesoul
Sandor SpearCaller
Scarrik Gallowgaunt
Soul Searcher
Soul Servant
Souless Servant
The Collector
Undead Draconian
Undead Wizard
Valerik Brightsword
Valeska Redwind
Vasek AshWeaver
Vesta ShadowMark
Vika MarkMaker
Viktor Snowcrusher
Vile Apparition 
Vladimir DarkFlame
Wandering Wizard 
Zora SteelWielder


Burning Flamewing
War Wing

From Baddle of Bands:
Motley Crew (Tier 1)
Motley Crew (Tier 2)
Motley Crew (Tier 3)
Motley Crew (Tier 4)
Motley Crew (Tier 5)
Night Shadow (Fire) (Tier 1)
Night Shadow (Fire) (Tier 2)
Night Shadow (Fire) (Tier 3)
Night Shadow (Fire) (Tier 4)
Night Shadow (Fire) (Tier 5)
Night Shadow (Ice) (Tier 1)
Night Shadow (Ice) (Tier 2)
Night Shadow (Ice) (Tier 3)
Night Shadow (Ice) (Tier 4)
Night Shadow (Ice) (Tier 5)

**9 Monsters Missing**


20 Monsters


Howling Banshee
Hungry Soul
Lothin DoomBringer
Troubled Warrior
Yngvar Sharptooth

Asrik Widebelt
Frost Bones
Gothric Honorbound
Halfang Bristlecrown
Mimir WinterBane
Kulgrim Soulsunder
Osvud Fleetpaw
Winter Skull
Snow Skull

Winterbane Hall Gauntlet:

Eirikur Axebreaker (Tier 1)
Eirikur Axebreaker (Tier 2)
Eirikur Axebreaker (Tier 3)
Eirikur Axebreaker (Tier 4)
Eirikur Axebreaker (Tier 5)




Kyanite Mummy found in the Tower of the Helephant is filed under Wizard City


19 Monsters


Arachtus DuskWeb
Blue Bart
Celestian Remnant
Queen Calypso
Servus BloodSword
Shadow-Web Conscript
Shadow-Web Mercenary
Thrale BoneStriker
Vorgen SoulBreaker

**9 Monsters Missing**


22 Monsters


Disloyal Knight
Drowned Knight
Lord of the Brocken
Nameless Knight
Spectre of the Brocken
Tarn The Drowned


Bane Wyrm
Black Dragon
Caoranach The Fire-Spitter
Catalan The Lightning Lizard
Dragon Spawn
Fire-Spitter Spawn
White Dragon
Winter Wyrm

Grand Tourney Gauntlet Wyrms:
Brulee Sucre

**5 Monsters Missing**


8 Monsters


Bwana ShadowRiver
Elephant Spectral Guardian
Gorilla Spectral Guardian
Iklaw Ghost Warrior
Killmare SpiritWalker
Lion Spectral Guardian
Zanga Zebu
Zebra Spectral Guardian



41 Monsters


Anacaona Black Snake
Azcal Fire Ant
El Marrow
Ezhua Bad Taste
Grim Calaca
Grinning Death Moon
Guillermo Shatterer
Huemac Spear Wreath
Malistare The Undying
Mazen Stinger Bee
Moon Skull Wight
Moon Skull Zombie
Mozar TurtleHunter
Nauyotol Down In The Hole
Neza The Poet
Poca Cruel Star
Shambling Zombie
Smoking Mirror Wight
Smoking Mirror Zombie
Storm Caiman
Thunder Horn Ghoul
Thunder Horn Zombie
Uacalxochitl Blood Eye
Xipe Flayed One
Youala NightDrinker


Caquix Nine Shadows
Chantico Blue Air
Copper Wing Guard
Lustrous Tlalocan
Obsidian Beak
Popzotz UnluckyDay
Seed Thief
Splinter Wing

**8 Monsters Missing**


21 Monsters


First Scythe
Grey Mantis Captain
Grey Mantis Hunterk
Phantom Glider
Phantom Ace

From Midnight Sun Pagoda:

Gaikotsu Skeleton (Tier 1)
Gaikotsu Skeleton (Tier 2)
Gaikotsu Skeleton (Tier 3)
Gaikotsu Skeleton (Tier 4)
Gaikotsu Skeleton (Tier 5)
Hitojini Deathcaster (Tier 1)
Hitojini Deathcaster (Tier 2)
Hitojini Deathcaster (Tier 3)
Hitojini Deathcaster (Tier 4)
Hitojini Deathcaster (Tier 5)

Hebitoho Wyrmling (Tier 1)
Hebitoho Wyrmling (Tier 2)
Hebitoho Wyrmling (Tier 3)
Hebitoho Wyrmling (Tier 4)
Hebitoho Wyrmling (Tier 5)



28 Monsters


Broken Land Guardian
Broken Land Spirit
Shattered Sky Guardian
Shattered Sky Spirit
Sundered Seam Guardian
Sundered Seam Spirit


Wyrm Statue


Assistant Warden Porfiry
Captain Kravchuck
Captain Zubvok
Colonel Ivanenko
Colonel Orlov
Detolli The Destroyer
Gulag Guard
Imperial Guard
Imperial Justice Payne
Iron Paw
Iron Paw Intake Captain
Marshal Kamensky
Sergeant Bobrik
Solitary Warden
Tundarian Enforcer
Warden Vissarovich

**1 Monster Missing**


31 Monsters


Admiral Bontau
Ancient Qhat Warrior
Armed Guard
Barracks Guardian
Body Guard
Captain Cosrow
Crypt Conscript
Durvish Seeker
Emperor Paleolo
First Guard *counted, but wasn't added to Tome
Foot Patrol
Ghulture (1 Death)
Ghulture (2 Myth)
Ghulture (3 Death)
Ghulture (4 Myth)
Mother Ghulture
Myriarch Ephialtes
Ossuary Conscript
Spirit of Inquiry
Spirit of Intolerance
Vault Conscript

**5 Monsters Missing**
Could be 4 if First Guard was added


33 Monsters

Wizard City Undead:
Bastilla Gravewynd, Boss
Spellwrit Screamer, Rank 2

Fire Wraith, Rank 3, Wizard City Box
Anguished Wraith (Death), Mooshu Box

Darkmoor Undead:
Anguished Wraith (Ice)
Count Bela Blacksheep
Darkmoor Serf
Darkmoor Squire
Draconian Conjurer
Draconian Diviner
Draconian Necromancer
Draconian Pyromancer
Draconian Sorcerer
Draconian Thaumaturge 70
Draconian Theurgist
Haunted Malistaire
Malistaire the Undying (Shadow)
Shane von Shane
Shane von Shane (Star)
Spirit of Darkmoor
Yevgeny NightCreeper

Spiral Cup Gauntlet:
Spectre of the Brocken (Tier 1)
Spectre of the Brocken (Tier 2)
Spectre of the Brocken (Tier 3)
Spectre of the Brocken (Tier 4)
Spectre of the Brocken (Tier 5)

**6 Monsters Missing**

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