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Our Favorite Wizard101 Things of 2018

So, our calendar now has an 2019 date, 2018 is now officially a past chapter. But what did we like the best of the new things that Wizard101 has released in 2018? I asked our staff writers to give their thoughts. Enjoy!

There were quite a few things that KingsIsle/Wizard101 released during the 2018 updates. There was however no doubt what immediately came to mind when Kelsey Fireheart asked our Stars of the Spiral team to write a blog post talking about something we liked the best in 2018. For me creating the Pet Kiosk in the Pet Pavilion was my favorite, not just for 2018 either, this is one epic addition to the game. The majority of my interest and time spent playing Wizard101 these days is hatching and training pets (did i mention gardening? But that’s another post!) and prior to the Pet Kiosk we could use the forums and hang out in the hatchery all day hoping to meet someone that had a pet with all the talents you wanted. Someone willing to hatch with you until you got their pet. There’s also the Hatching events which when you can get in one are a great option for hatching with crown pets which you cannot access using the Pet Kiosk,  but that also was just a hit and miss method and not held often. Yes, the Pet Kiosk is one of the best additions to the game, it levels the playing field especially for someone just getting started that may not have a big network of friends with great pets.

- Ian Darkstrider, SotS Blog Writer

This year was beyond amazing. I had found many friends but I also had many ups and downs. My most favorite thing has to be KI bringing back the charity mounts. This happened quite recently. Though they didn’t bring back my most favorite and wanted, the Meowmodon, they bought back ones that I didn’t join in time to buy. Another good one this year is the introduction of the Pet Kiosk. I have never been so excited! I am a very big pet lover because I am unable to have them in real life. The Pet Kiosk allows me to collect more pets than I could ever ask for. I won’t admit it fully but it also helps to not embarrass myself asking for hatches (lol). Thank you for such an amazing year!

-MoMo, SotS Blog Writer

It's actually quite hard to pick what are my favorite new things about Wizard101 in 2018. But you know what, I absolutely loved fighting as the Scion in the final battle of Empyrea Part 2. The feeling of being an extremely large wizard was amazing. I could connect to the idea of how big the enemy was, the epicness of the battle and the way we had to battle them. It was a battle of the wits. I also loved fighting the evil Merle Ambrose. It was quite clever actually. I loved the battle being the puzzle itself. It wasn't about overpowering the other side with your best spells, but to follow what is needed to win. And with basic spells or choices. I loved it! 

-Kelsey Fireheart, SotS Owner and Blog Writer

My favorite part of 2018 in Wizard101 is the Decaversary back in September. I have been playing Wizard101 since 2009, and although I haven’t reached my Decaversary as a player, it amazes me how long an amazing game such a Wizard101 has going on. 

The surprise birthday quest was so special. Although it had a rough start with everyone practically dogpiling on each other to get their hands on the Decaversary statue, KI really tugged at my heartstrings with sweet and sentiment thoughts from our dear Ravenwood headmaster, professors and the people of Wizard City.

Throughout the years, I have made many different friends that I had the pleasure to spend time and quest with. A good handful of the friends that I’ve made over the years are friends who I still talk to and actively play the game with. The Decaversary goes to show how amazing this community is and how it can bring everlasting friendships.

-Marissa Petal, SotS Blog Writer
In 2018, my most favorite thing about Wizard101 was it being their 10th Birthday year. The decade celebration literally lasted the entire year and it was fantastic!  KI added new Decade pets, the Decaversary pack, and a new member benefit (Unlimited Crafting + Double Reagents).  The one thing that I'll definitely miss is the weekly member benefits that we received in 2018!

-Destiny Rain, SotS Blog Writer

This past November Kingsisle released Empyrea- a new world filled with new adventures and journeys for us all to take. However not only was Empyrea released, but my favorite aspect of the year was alongside it: Whirlyburly! Whirlyburly is a brand new mini game located in Port Aero in Empyrea.

Personally, I have been playing Wizard101 for nine years with the same mini games all of these years, so when I heard of Whirlyburly I was very excited; and this excitement did not disappoint! Whirlyburly has to definitely be my favorite Wizard101 moment of 2018 because of the new mechanics that it brings to the game, and its chess like gameplay. The game is a three player game, meaning that is also multiplayer!

Even though it is not the first multiplayer mini game in Wizard101, it is much more competitive than others; such as fire tag and hide and seek. It gives the vibe of PvP, but is completely about strategy rather than having any gear involved as well. Lastly, I completely enjoyed how they also incorporated playing this new mini game into the main questline of the game. Coaches are wanted, so visit Port Aero today to enjoy this fun, new aspect to the Wizard101 community!

-Christina Summerheart, SotS Blog Writer

So what was YOUR favorite thing about Wizard101 from 2018? Comment below!

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