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2019 Wizard101 Member Benefits Recap

As we count down the days to the New Year, let's take a quick look back on the member benefits that Wizard101 gave us in 2019.

In summary, members received:
Daily Assignment Member Rewards Bonus - 4x
Double Animus & Monstrology XP - 6x
Double Gardening Rewards - 5x
Double Pet Experience - 17x
Free Second Chance Chest Roll - 9x
Free Training Point Buyback - 8x
Unlimited Crafting + Double Reagents - 4x
Zero Energy Fishing - 6x
A total of 59 times in a year (52 weeks)!
Wishing everyone a New Year that’s sparkling with fun and in high spirits.
Have a wonderful New Year!

2019 Wizard101 Member Benefits Recap 2019 Wizard101 Member Benefits Recap Reviewed by Destiny Rain on Monday, December 30, 2019 Rating: 5

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