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Olde Town Apartment

December 5, 2019

Olde Town Apartment! New to the Spiral!

NPC Derrick Blaze has a new item for us.  The Olde Town Apartment!

When entering the apartment, it has a very familiar look.  In fact, it looks exactly like the interior of the Wooded Cottage castle. But head towards the back door, and you'll step out to a lush, green, large back yard.  It really does feel like you have your own little home in the middle of Olde Town!

To buy it from Derrick Blaze, you must have the Team Champion badge by participating in the Team Up kiosk.

Although my video shows that the Olde Town Apartment costs 12500 crowns, Mathew Anderson issued the statement below.

Have Derrick Blaze give you a preview of the home! It's adorable!  Enjoy!

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