Sunday, May 1, 2022

Guide to the NEW Wizard101 Amazon Pet Jewel Cards

Guide to the NEW Amazon Pet Jewel Cards

In April 2022, Kingsisle introduced a new Pre-Paid Pet Jewel cards obtainable from Amazon.
There are some slight differences between this card and the pet jewel cards from Kroger/Safeway.

Cards from Amazon are $30 each and your redemption code is delivered to the email address that you enter.

Each card code includes: 1 pet jewel, 1 energy elixir, and 15K crowns (or 3 months sub to Wizard101 or Pirate101).
Like the Kroger/Safeway pet jewels, these also Do Not Shatter, so you may move them to different pets, and also bank share them.

In order to equip these pet jewels, your pet must be Ancient or higher, and your Wizard character must be level 15+.
This guide will be updated monthly with the current month's pet jewel, so check back frequently!

Month of April:  Transcendent Opal: Pip Saver + Expert Empowerer


Month of May: Plague Opal: Maycast Plague + Pain Bringer

Month of June: Invigorating Opal
: Maycast Cycle of Life +Healthy

Month of July:  Transcendent Opal: Pip Saver + Expert Empowerer


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