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The Attic Glitch

There's an interesting attic glitch where you can see your pets
as something completely different like the below pets.

1. Place your pets in dorm or house
2. Open ATTIC
3. Click on HOUSE
4. Click on PETS
5. Click on any pet you want to check out
**Not ALL pets will have a different design.**

However, I have my own theory about this.
Some people think this means there's a hybrid
that can be produced from the pets NAMED in the photos.
For instance: Fire Beetle can make a Ice Beetle,
Golden Piggle can make a "Zombie" Piggle
& etc, etc.

I think the below pets are the BASE DESIGN of the pet named in the photos.
I personally believe that those pets were originally used to make the pets
that's named in the picture.
For example: School Fire Helephant was used to create Damp Demon,
Fire Bird was used to create Ice Bird
& etc, etc.

They just added color and tweaked it a bit
without having to make a FRESH pet every single time.
You gotta admit that it's a pretty clever way to save time
creating countless pets.

Which brings me to the Golden Piggle at the very end of this post...
I personally believe that the pet in the photo has not been released yet.
I do not think it's a hybrid, but a base design original pet.

This one is so interesting since the pet in the photo has "snow"
on its body where the red lines on the Pioneer Dragon are,
it is white on this dragon. Makes me wonder if this was a glitched dragon
or a base design original pet we never saw.

 Yes we never saw this pet before. BUT.. is it a copy of the Cyclops MOB
we see in-game or a BASE DESIGN original pet?
This is a HUGE question we have to think about.

This one really grabbed my attention. 
I would've thought the Fire Beetle was the BASE DESIGN,
Not Frost Beetle.

This also is VERY interesting. Makes me wonder what happened to the Fire Elf pet.
Or is this a copy of the Fire Elf MOBs as well?

Questions Questions. Copy of Scarab MOBs or Not Discovered yet?

This pet does prove my theory that it is a BASE DESIGN.
Unicorns do EXIST.. They are NOT hybrids, but Originals.
They just used the Unicorn design to add color and details
to make new pets.

Yep even Game Cards can have a BASE DESIGN.

Same goes for this one.

And lastly, the Golden Piggle and the "Zombie" Piggle.
I am so hoping that this will be our new Halloween Piggle!
This pet is even cooler than Black Cat.

So we have to think carefully before spending our gold on hatches that might not work anyway
because the pets in the pictures are probably BASE DESIGN original pets.

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  1. On my blog, I also posted about some of these pets in a bit that I call "The Unknown Pet Files," which I also revisit in a later post. Now the list in the post would suggest that pets like the regular Scarab and Steel Golem exist and are not hybrids, because this list is the conversion age of pets when they were implementing the advanced pet system and the Hatchery. This proves that many of these pets aren't hybrids, but are indeed base designs, which I agree with as well.

  2. I totally agree with you. I also do believe that Scarab and Steel Golem do exist as well. As well the Myth Cyclops since on the list it also shows "Cyclops." I will make a new blog entry soon listing all UNDISCOVERED pets that everyone should focus on because I notice that people gets way off track when wanting to discover new pets or hybrids. I am hoping to help people' refocus on which pets to work on.


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