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Games.com: Pirate101 and the "Pixar" Effect

Games.com has introduced an article about Pirate101 and the "Pixar" effect. So here is what I've gleaned from it about Pirate101.

Pixar refers to a company now owned by Walt Disney Corporation. It used to be part of LucasFilm who created the Star Wars movies before Pixar was purchased by Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. Anyway, Pixar has created so many smash hit movies such as Monsters Inc, A Bug's Life, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Toy Story and so many more. They have found a way to make their movies liked by children and adults which included parents and grandparents. This is why three of their movies are among the 50 highest grossing films of all time: Finding Nemo, Up and Toy Story 3. And all of their movies except Brave (it just came out, give it time) are among the 50 highest-grossing animated films of all time. Toy Story 3 being the all time highest which grossed over 1 BILLION dollars worldwide. Yes you heard it, ONE BILLION DOLLARS! This is because they were able to cater to all three different age groups in different ways. Come on, you adults, you gotta admit that you love those movies. I know I did. Especially Wall-E. I mean I wanted that robot to come back to life! Now they have a new movie, Brave, which is out in theaters now. One thing Pixar is good at is making repeated success.

Now in the gaming world, they are saying that Wizard101 has that "Pixar" effect with Wizard101. They are able to have children AND adults wanting to play Wizard101. And Kingsisle is interested in making another smash success. So with Pirate101, they're going to the next level especially with their prior experience with Wizard101 to ensure it will be. They will be able to take the lessons they have learned with Wizard101 and make Pirate101 even better. Their core game designers and tech guys came from the hardcore space of games. But they have come to realize with raising their own families, they wanted to build games that their children can play, but also they can play as well. This is a great influence that will surely make Pirate101 even more amazing. Their experience and skill will help the game so much in ways we will not understand or know. After all we aren't gamemakers, we're just simple players. But we do know that their effects touches everything we play. They also have focused on the voice overs to make it more realistic and professional, so you can really get in the meat of the story. When talking to the Frog Father who lives in the belly of a giant flying whale, you are able to have a funny dialog with him. This will pull you deeper into the story and just enjoy the same ride you have had in Wizard101. Except you're a Pirate with a ship. And it's a different type of story since you'll be the "Han Solo" type of player this time. You're a bit rough on the edges, you're a dirty pirate, but you are still a good player and are on the good side of things. That's how the story begins... ;)

You can read all about it over at Games.com - just go to: http://blog.games.com/2012/07/03/pirate101-interview-preview/

Games.com: Pirate101 and the "Pixar" Effect Games.com: Pirate101 and the "Pixar" Effect Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Tuesday, July 03, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for this post. I just wanted to say that I loved Toy Story 3 . . . and Pirate101 is going to rock!

    1. You are welcome. So can't wait for Pirate101! WOOT!


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