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P101 Photo Released: Ships in Battle

J. Todd Coleman has released a P101 In-Game photo of two ships in battle.
WOOT! This is making my heart race with excitement! 

What is the most interesting to me is the icon of the swords clashing on top of the ship.
Is that a PvP icon? Or an Enemy Ship icon? Sooooo interesting!

On the top left, it says the enemy ship is rank 5 and is named Dona Isabella and it is a Monquista Ship!
On the main ship, you can see your main character and companion standing behind the wheel. Your main character will have a white circle around you. Have you also noticed that the sails on the main ship has a dolphin leaping over waves on it? Sweet! And oh, the quest tracker is pointing to Mooshu obviously by the "Hamamitsu Garden." Sounds very Mooshu. Apparently you're supposed to find Zhu Ro's Teahouse there.
Mooshu Tea is supposed to be the best tea in the Spiral! ;)

Take a look on left bottom. This is our character's health globe and icons.

From smallest to biggest, the Skeleton shows our own Character Stats, Ship is our Ship, House is Home, Map is Map, but then.. Notice the biggest circle next to the health globe (the red one) it has a blue potion on it and it says x4. I wonder if this is Mana or Ship Health Potion button for the Ship especially when on the right, there's a big blue globe that is obviously for the ship. x4, hmm, means we can refill the ship's health or something if our ship is about to fall apart?

Now look at the right, it's what I thought!
The biggest button is probably speed, then the top two are the Ship's Powers or Skills such as special Ammo or Shield. The blue globe is probably Ship's Health, the yellow ball is probably the amount of ammo or "magic" for our ammo? Remember, we don't actually fire "bullets" in Pirate101. It's like we are shooting "magic ammo." Remember Harry Potter, the way we would wave our wands and say a spell and BOOM, a blue flash would come from our wands? It's gonna be like that. And the anchor means stop obviously and make the ship stay in one spot.

Now I know you've noticed the green blobs on the ship, I am wondering if its our crew
or our ship's health blobs, I admit this got me stumped. It looks very strange.
But it is curious that the blue potion says x4 and we have 4 green blobs on the ship.

We can obviously aim at the other ship with the orange circle arrow.
Ouch this ship is limping to the side, its yellow health bar below says it's almost out of health
Also have you noticed another ship on left in-between the main ships's sails? It looks like it's already out of health and is listing to the side.

There's always too many questions and not enough answers. But hey, this is awesome!
I already wanna jump into the battle and be a Pirate already!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/J-Todd-Coleman/121012684593256

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