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Photo Gallery of the Majestic Bundle House and Mount

The start of a wonderful journey!

So love the ice dripping down 

Whoa nice ROOMY entrance hall!

Yes I'm a Pyro, gotta love fire! ;)

The porter in the middle of the entrace hall took me up to this room.

The entrace hall had two halls leading sideways, but led to a dead end.

This tapestry had three different locations as the picture faded in and out
and you could port to them.
Outside of the castle, Inside the castle and Back at the World Gate.


Nice outlook porch

Beautiful designs!

Look at what I found! A Shark trapped in ice!

Fake Wall, so I went through it

Whoa awesome!

Nice fishing spot

The Dragon Mount - It's a 2 Person Mount!

This will give you reagents, TCs and gold.

The Wand

True Silver Helmet
375 Health
6% Pips
2% Armor Piercing
48 Critical
11% Damage
7% Incoming
1 Colossal Card
(300 Damage to 1 Card)

True Silver Armor
510 Health
5% Pips
18 Block
13% Damage
10% Resist
1 Extraordinary Card
(30% Accuracy and +20% Armor Piercing to 1 Spell)

True Silver Boots
225 Health
8% Pips
3% Armor Piercing
73 Block
9% Damage
1 Leviathan Card
(1130 Storm Damage and Remove 2 Positive Charms)

Silver Lance of Daybreak
2% Armor Piercing
45 Block
45 Critical
1 Super Rage (Life) Wand Card
130 Damage

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