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April's Fool Countdown

So as St Patrick's Day is soon leaving us and Easter is coming... April 1st, April's Fool Day, is also coming. So soon I'm sure that we will see a countdown for it this year. But I was struck by the thought of what kind of pet we will be able to buy this year for April's Fool?

Remember the past ones? If not.. Here's a reminder:

2011 April's Fool Pet
 The Pet Rock with cute googly eyes

2012 April's Fool Pet
The Trolling Stone (Pet Rock) with glasses, nose, eyebrows, mustache

2013 April's Fool Pet

 What do you think this year's pet will be? I'm hoping for a tye dye pet rock with a rockin' mohawk! I can imagine its name being "Rockin' Rock!" Or a brand new type of pet.

Post your thoughts of what it could be in the comments below!

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  1. HMmmmm.... how about a Fool's Gold rock ( the pet rock colored in yellow coloring in such a manner you can tell its fake "gold" ) :D

  2. Another rock, maybe with pants this time, idk o_o

  3. Fool's Gold comes to mind. That'd be really neat!


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