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Cody Raventhorn's New Glitch House

Before Cody was finished with the whole area

While me and Chris Darkflame aka Sierra Mist were playing a quick game of PvP, Cody did this trick to us. We were baffled at how he did the lightning above our heads.

After the PvP, Cody told us to go under the arena via his transporters to find out how...

Wow.. Endless Lava, but it goes nowhere.. 

Nope, not there.. 

GASP... POTS!!! He floated pots under the arena. Then he was able to put garden spells on the pots which showed the effects above. What a clever boy right?

(Photo Credit to Cody Raventhorn)

His arena as completed. It's so pretty. Its in the Red vs Blue theme.
And I was telling him that it's funny that the colors blue and red has so many meanings.

Boys, Girls
Hot, Cold
Fire, Water,
Yin, Yang,
Summer, Winter,
Team A, Team B..
etc etc.

He turned to me and said, "how the heck did you think up those things?"
Well, that's my brain for you. ;)
I hope Cody Raventhorn inspired you all to do glitches you never done or heard of before.

Be safe in the Spiral, bring those bug sprays with you always,
you never know when Morganthe's spiders will pop back up again.
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