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The Piratey Misadventures of Fearless Kristen Eastwick

Oh thanks for kicking me out of Skull Island.. Sighs. They're right. I might have drank too much yum.. I just love the grape flavor! Ok ok.. I'll get going to my misadventures.. Siggggghs..

Ooh what's down there? This is a mystery I want to find out!

Oh looking good out there.. wait.. my gun.. Whoa, it has a skull on the wood part thingy? :O Awesome!

Peek a Boo!

I'm getting creeped out here!

Wait this building needs a wheel to steer it by? I never thought of this as a ship. I thought it was towed here... You learn something new everyday!

DUDE.. Where's my ship?!

Who be doing hoodoo in here? I'm scared! 

Fruits! Who want this fruit? Me be hungry too!


HEY you... stormgate.. LET ME IN COOL RANCH!
No? Errm.. I'll just sit here while you finish your lunch then.. 
Then you'll let me in right?

Gah, this girl is so pretty. I want her dress! I tried to ask her where she got it, but she was snooty and wouldn't tell me where... :( 
What is a fashionable girl pirate to do?!

What... Why am I up here? Oh wait a minute, me likey this. I'm the Pirate Queen of Castillo Sapo!

Please don't stare at me anymore.. you're starting to creep me out. :(

Hey this'd be great for my Musketeer's house! 

Oh, guess my misadventures are at an end.. for now.
It's dessert time! CAKKKKE! A pirate's dream!

Then onto Mooshu.. or is it Haunted Skyways? Ah, I'll find out eventually.. *chomps on cake*

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