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Top 10 Tips For Wizard101 & Pirate101

Top 10 Tips for Wizard101 & Pirate101

So you're new to Wizard101 and/or Pirate101? Or you're already playing it, but might need some tips? Well, I have listed ten tips for you, so you can earn gold easier, save crowns and save time. I sure hope that they will help you through the game :D

1. Make Friends - Without friends, it's hard to do anything. It's really important to make friends, so you can ask for help for battles or anything you might need help with. Or if you have questions about Ship Fighting, PvP, Pets, House Decoration, and more!

2. Free Elixirs - Need more damage boost, gold boost, even energy boost? You can earn free energy elixir by winning one from KIFG's Grub Guardian which you can play on the KIFG site or on your phone.

Not only that, every time you create a new character and every time you level up, you get a free energy boost. Great for training pets! So you can transfer a pet to that character and while questing, you can keep training it every time your energy bottle gets refilled.

3. Free Mounts - You can buy free permanent mounts in the Crown Shop for gold if you are tired of walking around at a slow speed. And in Wizard101, you can craft mounts only when the B.O.X.E.S. event is available. But, hopefully someday there will be more craftable mounts that will be in game permanently.

4. Farming For Gold Or Scrip - Tired of being poor? Need gold or scrip for mounts, houses, gears, reagents, etc? You can earn gold in both games, but Scrip and its Black Market is only available in Pirate101.

For Wizard101, farm Halfang who is in Vestrilund, Wintertusk. His cave is near one of Zeke's Troggs. You have to walk up a ramp to get to his cave and as you reach the cave, you will walk pass the Trogg. Halfang drops awesome amulets that you can sell for high amounts of gold. If you are a Crown Player, this is an area you MUST buy. 30 minutes can earn you tens of thousands of gold. But if you're pretty tired of farming Halfang, fishing is the next best thing. Fish can sell for nice amount of gold if you catch plenty!

The cute Trogg

In Pirate101, there's multiple ways of earning gold. Here's a rule of thumb - the higher the world, the more gold you can get and the more gold the items sell. The most basic worlds will sell the cheapest which is not what you want if you want to earn gold fast. 

If you fight the highest leveled ships, you can get the most gold and high value items that also sell for high gold. Not only that, there's an additional bonus now you get while fighting ships, you could get Scrip! This is a new currency you can use to buy cool special items in the Black Market.

Double Lock Chests - Quadruple Lock Chest

You also can chest farm which means going looking for Double Chests or Quad Chests. They are chests with two or four locks. The gold amounts drops randmoly. But if you farm in the highest world, the quad chests can give up to approx 15k gold and the doubles could give 6-8k gold.

You can only open them with friends! Two locks for 2 person, Four locks for 4 person.

And lastly, Friar Sand in Mooshu. You can find him in North Landing, Temple of West Wind, Corrupted Shrine, Subata Skyway. He drops mostly gold and very very few items which is bonus really. He's also pretty easy to beat. All you have to do is defeat just him, not everyone, and you win the battle. You earn gold pretty quickly with this celestial ogre!

In both games, you can buy many things with gold. The best thing about gold is it's FREE! Scrip in Pirate101 as well. You can buy permanent mounts, houses, various of furniture and decorations, even gear without spending a penny. So grab your friends and start farming together!

5. Training Points - Spend them WISELY because you have to pay quite a lot crowns to reset them. If you need more training points, the Zeke quests are the easiest way to earn one. Zeke will have a quest for you in every world you encounter! To make sure you have not missed any, check out our Zeke's Training Point Quests Guide,

6. Gardening - You like training pets, but you need snacks? The best way to get best snacks are by gardening certain plants that drop Mega Pet Snacks. The best plants that drop them are in the Crown Shop such as Elder Magma Peas, Deadly Helephant Ears and Couch Potatoes in that order. But, yes you need to buy them with crowns. If you can't, DON'T! Simply farm for them instead. All three are dropped in-game by various bosses and mobs. But if you have tons of crowns and you want to make an investment in the game that will pay off pretty well in the end, those plants are it. Buy Elder Magma Peas, Deadly Helephant Ears and Couch Potatoes for endless snacks as long as you don't mind gardening all of the time. Research each before you buy, but I personally like Elder Magma Peas the best.

7. Gears - Don't forget that if you do like stitching, do the KIFG Trivia or in-game Videos to earn crowns for it. If you are not happy about your clothes look, remember that you can farm for gears, which will save you money. Not only that you can play PvP or Pet Derby to earn tickets which will help you be able to buy cool PvP clothes! In Pirate101, you can earn scrip for cool gear in the Black Market.

8. Buy And Use Crowns Wisely - Don't buy Crowns while they are not on sale. You can stretch your money by waiting for a sale on Crowns. Then once you have Crowns, use it wisely. There are many ways you can save crowns in-game simply by being patient and using gold instead. For instance, you can simply hatch with someone's Crown Shop pet for gold.

When buying Companions, RESEARCH first before even buying one to ensure that you get what you want. Even then, you do not have to buy them since you do get additional companions in-game for free while questing.

Don't spend them on unsure things such as Packs if you are tight on money.

9. Earn Free Crowns - Go to KIFreeGames.com where they have Trivia that you can complete for Crowns. Complete 10 questions for 10 crowns. Not only that, use the Earn Crowns videos in-game. Every video you complete, you can earn 10 crowns as well. To make sure you have turned on the video in-game, check out our In Game Earn Crowns Videos Guide.

10. Subscription - There are a few different ways you can get a subscription. You can get either one or two months' worth of subscription to either game if you buy a game card from certain stores. You also can buy a subscription on their website for up to a month, six months or a year. My suggestion to you if you want to save the most, simply wait for a sale on the yearly subscription membership. Normally it is almost eighty bucks, but when it's on sale, you can save twenty bucks! That's five dollars per month if you bought the yearly membership on sale. If you bought every month at a time, it would cost you $3 more. And remember, with a subscription, you do get bonus things that you do not have if you only bought crowns. You can get a bigger friends list, a bigger backpack, cool dance emotes and more! Just keep your eyes peeled for a sale. It comes once a month or so.

Remember, you don't have to buy a subscription or buy areas with crowns, for most areas in Wizard City. This way you can take your time and see if you are ready to invest in this game. I hope you do because this game is great! But that's just my opinion. ;)

But The Best Advice Of All?...

To have fun! Go out there and enjoy yourself. Don't rush and take every moment as it comes. Happy Dueling or Pirating!


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