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The Bears of Pirate101

While thinking about the fact that both Grizzleheim and Polaris have bear characters, it made me think what if the worlds are closely tied together enough that they could be in the same area.

If you base them off on our own world, Grizzleheim could be central American woods or even central Europe, then Wintertusk as in above America or central Europe and then lastly, Polaris for Russia or the Arctic Circle above that. This could mean in-game, those three worlds could be located nearby each other based off on the climate of their world.

So if we go to the world of Polaris, there could be also a skyway for Grizzleheim/Wintertusk in it or vice versa. Not only that, they all have bear characters, so that would also connect them. There is the Grizzleheim Pavilion in Bestia and the Beastmaster pack which has bear companions which seems to be a huge clue as well that the Grizzleheim world exists... somewhere.

But, there are so many kinds of bears out there, not just Polar Bears, Brown and Black Bears. There's also other bears that you might not have heard of. So I realized, hey what other types of bears that could or should be in-game? This made me curious, so off to Google I went!

First lets start with the well known ones.

Polar Bears are the white bears that live above the arctic circle. They are massive and they eat seals which is a tough thing to do. Seals are a formidable enemy. Hmm, what if we see seal characters?! That'd be awesome. Wait, back to bears. We know that in Polaris, there are Polar Bears as warriors and servants.

American Black Bears are the world's most common bear species. They're the typical black and brown bears we see on tv and in movies. They can come in other colors as white, cinnamon, blonde, cream and tan.

Brown bears has so many types that it's mind boggling. But, the Kodiak Bear in Alaska is the most interesting since it has bears that rivals the Polar Bear in size! They can be up to 1500 pounds and stand 10 feet tall, believe it or not. That's like a bear on steroids. You don't want to mess with them. If you need an army to defeat the Polarian army, use Kodiak Bears! There also are so many different colored bears. They can be reddish with silver tips, yellowish brown, blonde, cream, tan or even almost white too.

In game, I can imagine Grizzleheim having various black and brown bears. Look at the Beastmaster companions, they do come in different colors. The black and brown bears seems quite covered already as well as Polar Bears. But there's more bears that we haven't seen yet!

Everyone knows about Giant Pandas as well, but there's also Qinling Pandas who are smaller and have brown and white colors instead of the black and white like the Giant Pandas. They are the bear species everyone thinks is cuddly and cute. They are, but they're also powerful and dangerous as all other bears are. I would love to see Panda warriors in-game. People have been waiting for Panda mounts. But, I think they would do better as companions or be part of the storyline.

The following bears I think should be included in-game. I love seeing varying kinds of a single animal. The below bears have pretty cool color markings which sets them apart or they have different looks.

Then there's the Sloth Bears in India and Sri Lanka who are a lot more shaggier with beige coloring on their chests. They are also descended from ancient black bears. They actually like to eat bugs and they rarely eat other animals. They are also not slow as the Sloth. Due to their nature, I can imagine them as bear priests, monks, someone who believes in peace and harmony in-game.

Tibetan Blue Bears are not blue, but they are one of the rarest bears in the world. They come in varying shades of brown with white markings around their neck and belly that makes their species easily identifiable. Again, it would be cool to have different looking bears like them in-game to keep it fresh.

Sun Bears are found in Asia and they're also called "honey bears" since they do have quite a taste for honey and honeycombs. Guess Pooh was a Sun Bear! They are the smallest of bears, but they are easily identified by their special color marking on their chests. Want a bear king? Use this one. I can imagine them sitting on their throne just eating from buckets of honey.

Spectacled Bears in South America are the last remaining of short faced bears. They have shorter muzzles and round faces. They are easily identified by the beige or ginger colored markings on their faces and chests. For some reason I can imagine them to be shaman tribe leaders. I can imagine them to be spiritual and wise.

Soooooo, what do you think? Would you like to see various kinds of bears? Does any of the bears above strike your fancy? Have an opinion or idea that I haven't thought of yet? Leave a comment as always. Thanks for reading!

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