Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Wizard101 Fishing Spots I'd Like To Have

What kind of fishing spots we could have in other worlds? Do all worlds have some kind of a pond? Watering hole? Something we can fish from? So I set off to visit each world that does not have any fishing and took pictures of possible fishing locations in each. I have tried to be creative. I didn't want to be limited to water ponds. But why not swamps with purple water, green water? Or even lava ponds?!


The Atheneum, Dragonspyre


Base Camp, Celestia

Floating Land, Celestia

Floating Land, Celestia

Floating Land, Celestia


The Commons of Zafaria

Stone Town, Zafaria


The Commons of Avalon

The Wyrd, Avalon

The Wyrd, Avalon

Wildwood, Avalon

Caer Lyon, Avalon


Mangrove Marsh has quite a LOT of water spots where we can fish.

Mangrove Marsh, Azteca

Mangrove Marsh, Azteca

Mangrove Marsh, Azteca

Again, Saltmeadow Swamp has a lot of spots where we can fish.

Saltmeadow Swamp, Azteca

Saltmeadow Swamp, Azteca

Saltmeadow Swamp, Azteca

Cenote, Azteca

Cloudburst Forest, Azteca

Floating Mountains


Bastion, Khrysalis

Secret Market, Khrysalis

Last Wood, Khrysalis

Moon Cliffs, Khrysalis

Crescent Beach, Khrysalis

Crescent Beach, Khrysalis

Sardonyx, Khrysalis

Kondra Desert, Khrysalis

Wysteria does not have ANY water pond or any kind of pond which is disappointing. I would have loved to fish there. But I am hoping that they do expand Wysteria and add ponds!

But I'd like to mention one area in a world that already has fishing - the Well of Spirits in Krokotopia. 

Imagine fishing in that neon green goo? The fish we could get? Imagine this - neon fish? Spooky type of fish? Glowing fish? Gooey fish? Oooh the possibilities!

So what do you think? Comment away with your thoughts.

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