Thursday, February 19, 2015

A List of Benefits Gained In-Game

There are so many wonderful things about Wizard101 and Pirate101 especially what you do gain and benefit from them. Let me list a few.. Errm.. 11 of them.

1. Friends, of course! Because of that, my friend list is always full. The Fire Tower is always hopping on a Saturday Night. It's a perfect meet and greet party spot. If you are bored or need someone to talk to, just head in-game!

My name is Kelsey, what is yours?

2. It forced me to use math, which is a subject I hate. Ok, ok, 1 plus 1.... 3? Just kidding! But seriously though, you do get to use math while figuring out how many snacks you'd need to level up your pet or how much xp left to level up your character or figuring our how much power your spells have when you add enchantments and shields, etc. Omg, so much math that it's giving me a headache... Hey, at least at the end of the day, you can still say "I know how to use math!"

3. I get to explore worlds without leaving my home. I'm a natural explorer. Just call me Kelsey Columbus! And my three ships that I travel throughout the Spiral with are named.. KingsIsle, Pirate101 and Wizard101!

4. There's always a party somewhere in the Spiral! Wanna have fun? Just find a party and in no time, you're doing the Funky dance with old and new friends.

Everyone loves a PvP Party!

5. Girls know what I'm talking about. We can have as many clothes and you can change your clothes as well as dye it as often you want to without spending real money. It's like going to a free mall! You can feed your fashion bug here without spending a penny. Make your character look as fierce as you can! *snap*

Well I need decent boots...

6. You get to read a lot. I mean like.. all of the time! Perfect for bookworms. You get to learn new words too!

Porcine? Oh that means resembling pigs? I learned something new today!

7. Puns here, Puns everywhere! It's heaven for Punners like Alexander Lionheart, the King of Puns. You get to learn new puns. It's a perfect conversation starter!


8. There's always something to do. Fishing, Sailing, PvP, Questing, Gardening.. Oh me, oh my, too many things to list! You can stay busy even on a slow day. Errm I know.. I'll get to the plants' needs in a minute. I do need to finish this blog post first...


9. You learn about pop culture references. I mean, Blue Oyster Cult? When I saw that as a title for Zeke's MooShu oyster quest in Wizard101, I had to google that one before learning that it's referenced on a real rock band from Long Island, New York where I live. How interesting! It's kinda neat learning about something that is located where I live lol.

10. For those interior and exterior decorators, there's free houses and free furniture and when you mix them.... Yep, you can create amazing house decorations! Build them, they will come via the Housing Tours and drool over your genius. You can be creative as you wanna be!

11. The sense of accomplishment when you level up. Man, you feel so good that you want to jump and shout, pumping your fists in the air.. Umm... Well, yes I have literally done that... WELL I COULDN'T HELP IT!

I'm Level 27! WOOT!

So what did you gain as a benefit in-game while playing Wizard101 and/or Pirate101? Comment away.

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