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New Socketing System Coming To Wizard101 Test Realm!

Recently MMORPG.com released an article from Wizard101 explaining that we will be seeing a brand new system in the Test Realm... *Drums Roll* The Socketing System!

Apparently we will have to farm for new jewels that will give us new stats. They said for now they will focus on rings, knifes, amulets, and decks. They said someday they will allow jewels for the rest of the gear. Apparently it's a LOT of work tweaking and adding jewel slots to all knifes, amulets, rings and decks. I bet! I think that we have tens of thousands of gear pieces. I can't imagine going through all of that.

Starting at Level 15, we will be able to go and meet a new NPC in a new shop in the Shopping District, Katherine Rockhammer. She will give us our first set of jewels and new Jewel Crafting Station. Yep we'll be able to bling bling our gear with jewels that we find from battles.

Wizard101 designed over 1,200 different types of jewels that give varying kinds of stat boosts plus card items. Yep we will be able to add cards to any ring, athame, amulet and/or deck. Very nifty, eh? We will be able to add Critical boosts, Accuracy, Damage, even Cards and more. Apparently there's SEVEN BILLION combinations you could use with the new jewelry! Mindblowing.

Excited?! Well, keep an eye on the Test Realm since it will open soon. When? We don't know. But it's definitely any day now.

Read more about this from MMORPG.com at:

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