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Rasputin's Daddy Issues

We fought so hard to get to the final battle of Polaris, but we managed to step into the battle circle with the final major foe of Polaris. We were so close, yet so far from the finish line. We hoped that we would win this battle. We knew it was going to be super tough. After all rats are tricky, so we had to expect anything.

As we fought Rasputin, the dirty rat, we threw spell after spell without thinking. Constantly shouting at each other as Rasputin cackled in glee. Let me tell you, his spells packed a punch. Even for a dirty rat.

Then we start to weaken Rasputin and he started to realize that he was failing. He tried to fight harder to no avail. A teammate was able to make a huge impact with one of his spells and suddenly Rasputin fell to his knees. VICTORY!

Then it happened. We were cheering as we defeated Rasputin with the flowing hair and flowing dress. Some people say it's not a dress, just a long robe... Somehow I doubt that. 

But I disgress, suddenly Old Cob popped up and their family drama caught us unaware. It was extremely awkward as we didn't know how to respond to that. I mean, really, who wants to be in the middle of family drama? Not me!

But Old Cob was upset that Rasputin wasn't strong enough to defeat us. It was also clear that Rasputin had daddy issues. Is this why he tried to fight us so hard? So he can win and make Old Cob proud? How sad. But, suddenly I realized that we haven't met the other two children yet. I wondered who they will be and if we'll see more family drama. With a spider as a dad, anything could happen!

As we were leaving the battle circle quietly, you know, to give them some privacy... We could hear them still shouting in the distance. But once we stepped outside the cave, we sighed in relief.

It suddenly struck me, spiders can produce thousands of children. And Old Cob has just three?... How strange! Are we even sure there's only three children? I hope so.

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  1. Interesting thoughts about Old Cob, Kelsey. Not to mention that daddy spiders usually end up as lunch to mommy spider so she has the energy to lay her eggs (and then usually die herself soon after). Old Cob is definitely a different sort of Spider... well, he does have a Rat for a kid, which is unusual. And then who is 'Mommy'? :D


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