Friday, January 15, 2016

Best Blog Posts of 2015

So I was thinking about blog posts and then I realized that there should be a list of best blog posts about Wizard101 and Pirate101 for 2015. So I'll attempt one here.... with your help.

How To Enter:

If you have written a blog post about Wizard101 and/or Pirate101 in 2015, you may submit it by posting the post link in the comments below. You also may submit blog posts written by other people which is a great compliment to them. You may enter TWO of your own posts, one for Wizard101 and one for Pirate101. But you can enter as many posts written by OTHER people.


What Do You Win?

Well, you do get a special badge that you can put on your blog which you can use to show off. Yes, you also get to be included in a special list of best blog posts of 2015 which will be posted on my blog and site. Heck, I'll even pin it to my twitter page.

 If this is successful, I will consider doing this every year. This will be a great way to review best blog posts every year. Let's hope this is wildly successful since I think this is a cool idea that should be done every year.

The following blog posts were submitted. Judging has started. Again, sorry for the delay. Thanks to my computer that broke down, it caused me to have a few weeks delay before getting a replacement to catch up. Please be patient.

Congratulations, ChrissyTheBlesser, you are the winner for the "25 Things Pirates Would Never Say Aloud" blog post. You have been chosen to be Stars of the Spiral's Best Blog Post of 2015. You may use the above badge of honor on your blog or anywhere you would like to display it. All I ask is that the badge above, when displayed on your blog or anywhere you place it, to be linked back to this blog or blog post. Thank you for entering.

For the other runner ups, I have all of your blog posts displayed in the sidebar of this blog all year long to honor your work and people's nominations. Congrats, folks!

As for the rest of you who did not join this, please brush up on your blogging skills and crank out some nice blog posts this year. I really want to read more amazing ones for next year's Best Blog Posts for 2016 from all of you!

Thanks for reading!


 Chrissy The Blesser's

Chrissy The Blesser's

Cheyenne Caster's

Stars of the Spiral's

Swordroll's (Thank you Chase Frost for the nomination)

Stingite aka Friendly Necro's

Stingite aka Friendly Necro's

Vanessa Mythdust's

Michael Serro's


  1. Sure, sounds like a great way to get neat posts read.
    For Pirate101:
    For Wizard101:

  2. This was a really fun post to write, so if this is put into a category, please put in in the most fun. :)

  3. Pirate101:


  4. Loved capturing these screenshots of Wizard101 and Pirate101 during Blaugust:

  5. I agree that it shouldn't be a competition. It should just be a way to highlight some great posts. :)

    1. I'm glad that you agree. Thank you for submitting!

  6. Only Event in the Spiral


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