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Are You Too Into Games?

When I first showed up on the MMO scene, I was instantly attracted and started playing Wizard101. When I look back, I can remember being way too sucked in and forgetting myself a bit. Maybe it was okay, maybe it wasn't. But how do you know?

When You Smell Like A Garbage Bin

When Your Life Revolves Around Games

I'm not saying that playing games is bad. But I do think there's a certain point that it becomes too much. When you resist real life for games, that might be a problem. Most of us still go out, see our families and friends. Do things, travel, see what's out there while still playing games. I mean, I saw "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in the movie theater. Come on, you know that movie was epic!

My Face When Someone Eats All Of My Ice Cream

When Games Start To Affect Your Emotions

A friend recently said that going in-game makes her feel depressed or angry. You know, if you go online and it makes you unhappy, maybe that's when you should wean yourself off gaming and smell the flowers for a while. It doesn't mean that you can't return. But it's okay to take a break sometimes. The game will always be there waiting for you.

Games shouldn't be all you need. You still need sunshine, friends, family, and other interests. Being stressed is not healthy. You should be able to enjoy your game and be able to tolerate a bit of stress. But when the stress hits the red zone where you are swimming in the deep end, that's not good. Know your limits.

If it also makes you feel like your life is bleak and not worth it after losing a battle, please seek professional help. This should not be happening. You might be severely depressed. If you are having dark thoughts about self harming yourself, please tell someone and consult a doctor.

Be Kind To Your Electronics

When You Feel Like The Hulk..

I remember watching clips of parents breaking games on purpose and watching their adult, yes ADULT, child scream like they attend school for young children. That made me cringe because that was clearly not normal. I mean if someone broke my game, yes I would be angry and upset. But to act like it's a life and death kind of situation? I mean, let's face it, you can always go out and buy a new game. If you're THAT attached, maybe it's time for you to step away and breathe.

Not only that, if something doesn't go your way in-game and you literally throw your computer across the room (or you want to), that's a serious problem. If you are intentionally keeping yourself awake without sleep, please be aware that it will change your mood and make you a lot more cranky. Not enough sleep can cause your temper to be a lot more trigger happy. Think about that. Try to get yourself 8 hours of sleep every day. It's good for your mental health.

We're Only Human

To Be Honest...

I was in a dark period when I found Wizard101 and it did help me through it. It made me understand what I was missing out of real life as well as keeping me occupied when I was lost. Games can be a wonderful way to build your self confidence, make friends and feel not as alone. But today, I am not as so into games like I used to be.

I still play games and I still love games, so don't get me wrong there. But I found my balance. I play games, then I go out. I go exploring the city. I try new things. I make new goals outside of gaming. I am much happier. I know how to use games properly. I use games for fun and as stress reliever. If a game makes me upset or angry, I do not play it and tell myself to NOT take it personally. It's not a big deal. Not really. I'll just find something else that makes me happy.

Be A Jim Carrey

Games Should Not Control You

I play games when I'm bored, when I feel like having a quick challenge, when it's a rainy day when I got nothing to do. I play games to laugh and have a good time. I play games to chat with others and trade jokes. I play games to learn something new!

I don't play games to let it consume me. I don't play games to make it the center of my whole life and being. I don't play games to forget who I am. I don't play games while losing sleep. Yes I still make sure that I have my eight hours of sleep every day. I don't take it personally if I win or lose, especially lose.

I do make sure I have adventures in-game as well as in real life. Let's go rafting?!

Oops. At least I tried?

Moderation Is The Key

You can see the difference. In life, everything should be used in moderation. It's like food, exercise, even tanning, anything you can think of. They're only good in small doses. Well except ice cream and chocolate. No, I'm lying. Just remember, if games are making you angry, upset or sad, think about stepping away for a while. It's your emotional and mental health at stake. You deserve to be happy! Even social media can affect your emotions and moods too. Be wary of that as well.

May gaming make you smile today!

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