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Is The Morganthe Doodlefish Available?

The short answer is... No. 

According to a post on the Wizard101's official boards, they have stated that it's not even in-game... YET. It was a mistake that they will fix soon. But this just means one thing. It WILL be in-game someday. They would not have a ready made 3-D graphic of the fish if they did not have the fish ready. But when will it be in-game then? I don't know. Nobody knows. It's a surprise!

Before you get upset, please stay positive. See it as a sneak peek. Let yourself be hyped up because hey, at least we know there's more fish coming! I'm ready. It's nice to know that you have something to look forward to. It's like Christmas.. except you get a new fish, not a new iPhone.

My only question is... What rank and school will this fish be? Hmmm! Death? Too obvious? It would be cool if she was a shadow fish though! Rank, probably Rank 2 like the others. And of course, where would we be able to find this fish?

Come and join me on the hyppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppe train! Choo choo!

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