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Is This Area Locked?

Have you noticed that there are doors or gates that look cool, but you can't get in because well, it's locked? Let me list the ones I want to be able to access and you'll see what I mean.

In Wizard City, those halls behind the red line barriers holds a mystery. What is hidden in the darkness? Shall we find a book about where we came from? Who our family are? Or something more sinister, books that are way too dangerous to read? Maybe the books that Morganthe coveted are hidden in a vault beneath the library. But then maybe there are books on advanced spells that we have not learned yet...

There are gates still standing in Wysteria that we have not gone through. What areas may be behind those gates? Will we find strange creatures or even more Pigswick students who think we are beneath them? Oooh, the intrigue. I'm always up for another challenge! It does boost my ego every time I teach them a lesson. And if it's not the Pigswick students, I will bring a bush trimmer and weed killer to tame the plants that have been making the area inhabitable.

In this very cold underground chamber, there are two imposing huge gates that has been standing for perhaps eternity. Are they holding back something dangerous or hiding something wonderful? Another titan or a brand new area for us to explore?  Maybe we will find a giant treasure in the bottom of the mountain? Maybe we will never know. But then maybe one day, we will.

In the Plaza of Conquests, this door has stood closed for a long time that I think it must be permanently shut. Shall we find the right crowbar to open it and see what lays behind? What would be so important that we can't enter? Looking at this world that has turned into a depressing wasteland at the hands of Malistaire, whatever is behind there must be terrifying.

This door is the only door in Celestia that remains locked. Does it lead to an new area or is it an airlock? If we accidentally open it, will it flood this beautiful underwater world? I hope not. I would love another chance at swimming with the fishes. But what I would love more is the chance to explore more mysteries of Celestia. I mean, look at those aliens! What if Area 51 is behind there?

In the Arcanum, once you arrive, you will notice something. A LOT locked doors. Two classrooms are currently closed. Maybe the teachers are on lunch break? Beyond that, there are many many doors that we can't open. But then there's a special one that sends shivers down my spine. It feels menacing. Well, I mean, a cage around a door is pretty obvious that whatever is behind that ... is dangerous. The plants on both sides as well as the banners and its ragged appearance surely don't help. But is it so wrong of me to want to break through anyway? I think I'm ready for the challenge. I am level 110 after all.

The Barkingham Palace gates and one of the doors in Merle Ambrose's office used to be locked until last year. The Barkingham Palace opened to three new awesome dungeons. And most recently, the remaining locked door in Merle Ambrose's office led to an pretty cool room filled with trinkets from worlds. It also had our graduation hat and robe ready, which led us to our awesome graduation party for Level 101 wizards!

It just proves that with time, maybe we can access other areas that we haven't been to before. We just need to find the right key! So what locked doors or gates do you want to access in this world that I haven't listed already? Let me know.

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