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More hybrids were discovered today that have never been seen before!


From Babydactyl and Leaf Foot
Has a Lifeblade Card

Thank you Destiny Rain for the above photo.


Wizard101 also surprised us with this list of their own hybrid hints!

Hybrids Found! 

Babydactyl + Pesky Beetle = DeathDactyl
Has a Deathspear Card

Babydactyl + Skink = MythDactyl
Has a Mythspear Card

Thanks to Destiny Rain for the above picture

Babydactyl + Sailback Skink = Icedactyl
Has an Iceblade card

Crabling + Jelly Fish = Dignified Crabling
Has a Elemental Trap Card

Crabling + Jelly Fish = Fervid Crabling
Has a Fire Elemental Minion Card

Crabling + Jelly Fish = Hearty Crabling
Has a Spirit Armor Card

Crabling + Jelly Fish = Grave Crabling
Has an Animate Card

Thanks Lisa Flanery for the above photo.

Crabling + Pink Jelly Fish = Clever Crabling
Has an Talos Card

Thanks Paige Skyhaven for the photo above.

Pegasus Pony + Tempest = Cloudburst Sprite
Gives a Stormhound Card

*Thanks Terri of TheSpiral Wonder for the photo above*

What if there's more sprite hybrids? Here's our own hybrid ideas to try out.

Pegasus Pony + Fiery Judge = ?

Pegasus Pony + Frostcaller = ?

Scorpion + Intrepid Seal Pup = Burnt Scorpion
Has a Firespear Card

Scorpion + Cunning Seal Pup = Superstitious Scorpion
Has a Mythspear Card

Scorpion + Playful Seal Pup = Chilled Scorpion
Has an Icespear Card

Thanks Paige Skyhaven for the photo above.

WOW what a week! So many new hybrids. I'm so excited. I love that Wizard101 finally did this for us wizards. It's so much fun! I can't wait to discover more hybrids as the days go by.

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