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What I Think About The New Updates

Well I got inspired by someone's post listing their thoughts on the new updates. I wanted to make my own, so here they are!

I love Daily Assignments. Every day, you can earn gold, tickets, crowns, random items. I mean, think about it. If you have six characters on one account, every day you can earn 10 crowns per wizard. And that's just the first week! That means 60 crowns once a week. It might sound small, but remember the crowns amount increase every week. Then multiply that by six. And it's not just crowns. It's gold, tickets, and the random surprises times six. Too bad you can't transfer gold or arena tickets over, but eh whatever.

50 crowns per 15 days for 1 Wizard.
50 times 6 Wizards equals 300 Crowns.
That is 300 per 15 days.
A month is 30 days which means 600 crowns per month.
Not bad eh?

The only thing I'm dissatisfied about with the Daily Assignment update is that I have to practically screenshot every daily assignment to remember what I'm supposed to be doing. I would love for Daily Assignment to produce a quest in my book too, so I'm aware of what I'm supposed to do and possibly where to go? Sometimes it's quite confusing to know where you're supposed to go.

I am level 110, so that's pretty old in wizard years. I'm practically forgetful at this point lol. Otherwise this piece of update was amazing! I find myself excited and looking forward to every chest surprise. Thank god it's every five days, any longer I think I'll burst of excitement! It's not pretty by the way. I am a Pyromancer, so that means fire everywhere... Just saying.

This is actually one of my favorite updates. I weeped at the sight of this item. This gear vault will make it a lot easier for me to organize gears as well as opening packs. I would love to save every set so I eventually can set up a mannequin for each. But we all know that mannequins are pretty hard to make. Oh the fossils alone! Diamonds too...

When a new pack came in the Crown Shop, I DREADED at the thought of a full backpack. This will not be the case anymore! YAY!

This was a predictable, but still enjoyable update. We all know that they will keep adding skeleton key bosses until there's one in each world except side worlds maybe. I liked Omen the most just because of his drops. I was able to receive his super uber awesome wings mount. Not only that, he has pretty cool permanent mounts that were in the Crown Shop. ANNNNNNND not only that, he drops Lydia's very icy furniture that would thrill those ice students! I only ask, where are the fire school furniture?! I want some!

The chest drops are amazing. If you ever wanted a Beckett wand, this is the time. Head to the Elephant Graveyard and fish out chests for a chance for one. If you want a housing furniture, your best bet is Baobab Crown. I was able to receive spider furniture there as well as normal housing furniture. I love it!!!

To be honest, in the test realm, I was frustrated beyond belief. The sentinels were very much in attack mode. It was like "Jaws." Attacks from every single direction. Actually, it's more like piranhas. But I digress. The point is, they were crazy!!!!!!

But luckily, the very very kind Wizard101 team listened and told those sentinels to scram. In the live realm, I enjoy fishing so much. But I noticed something very interesting as a very broke wizard. With full energy gear, I am able to have 227 energy. I can have more if I had the amulet.

Anyway, I was fishing all day one day until around 6pm EST when I finally ran out of energy. I returned the next day around 1, 2pm EST. I returned thinking that the energy globe would be full. It was not.

I checked and yes my energy potion should refill faster when it is a member benefit. And I'm a proud member.. of both games! So I realized something, as a poor wizard, this will not do. This means a wizard can fish or pet train once a day. 

I think the more energy you can get, the more energy it should refill faster. Not only, I honestly truly think we need an energy vendor as well as a mini game in-game. I would love to be able to buy energy for gold, or play an mini game to gain energy. If we can do that with mana, why not energy? Right now, the "wealthy" wizards have a very very big advantage, they can easily buy energy refills. This leaves the "poor" wizards at a disadvantage. They are forced to wait. 

Yes people say you can get a free energy refill playing Grub Guardian. But let's be honest here. Not all wizards have the time or patience for that game. Not all wizards even like that game. Again, that's a disadvantage. That's something you do outside of the game. We need something for inside of the game. 

Pet training and fishing should be fair and fun. Above all, it should be easily accessible by all kinds of wizards.

And one more thing, I noticed something with the unique fish's xp. They didn't really scale with the world. I mean, the higher the world that the unique fish is in, it's first catch xp should be higher than the last. This is why we cannot reach Level 15 easily, much less level 11 or 12. You can have all the fish in game and you will find yourself barely almost to Level 11. They need to change the First Catch XP system for the fish. That or produce more new fish. 

Don't get me wrong. I still love fishing. But with each new system, there's ALWAYS kinks. It happens. That's life. Nothing is perfect in life. It doesn't mean that fishing is horrible. It just needs to be tweaked. Once this is fixed, I honestly cannot wait to be able to equip the the max fishing level badge.

The brand new Khrysalis furniture sets are great! I did become slightly confused when I realized that the Khrysalis, Dragonspyre, and Azteca furniture looked similar. They all look red and purple lol. But otherwise, they're pretty epic. Roland Silverheart also sells new trophy cases which made me look forward to free tournaments. I mean, can you imagine filling them with trophies? That would make your house look amazing. Not only that, did you know that the Grand Tournament, Midnight Sun Pagoda and Winterbane Hall can be placed inside of houses if you got enough room? Whoa cool!

The new life star spell is interesting. It could be useful for life wizards who like to do damage in battles. But what really thrilled me is the crafting slots. I had so many in my book that I almost fainted. We got EIGHT crafting slots at max crafting level? This is a crafter's dream!!!!!!! Thank you Wizard101!

I've also been hearing that there's brand new cinematic scenes for quests in Wizard City, Krokotopia and Marleybone. It makes me want to raise another character just to see what they have done! They also have now allowed items that were created for crafting quests to remain in the backpack when you turn in crafting quests. Now you don't have to waste reagents! Speaking of reagents, Torald Wayfinder in Grizzleheim now has new metal recipes.

So what did you think of the updates? All good, I hope? Now I'm gonna get some ice cream and fish. I still need that Hippo Fish!

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