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New Pets in Wizard101?!

Wizard101 surprised us today with an announcement saying that there are now new pets we can obtain in-game by drops! Aren't you excited? I know I am. I have listed the pets below what I know of are new. Good luck farming!

From sources on Twitter, we found out that the Treadmill Pantera that is in the picture above is the same as below.

Treadmill Pantera is dropped from the Treadmill Panteras in Outer Yard, Avalon.
Credit to PixieRoslyn.

Deathsong Seraph pet that was dropped from the Death Seraphs in The Wyrd, Avalon.
Credit to Ethan Deathcaster. 

Flamedance Seraph is dropped from the Grim Seraphs in the Catacombs, Avalon.
Has a Fire Prism card.

Spectre Lord is dropped from the Lord of the Brocken, The Wyrd.
Credit to Mason Legend.

Horned Monkey Spider is dropped from the Horned Monkey Spiders in the Savannah's end dungeon.
Credit to Dan Stormblade.

Starburst Spider is dropped from the Starburst Spiders in the Mirror Lake dungeon of Zafaria.
Starfall Spiders, Xolotl Tower, Alto Alto, Azteca.
Credit to Dan Stormblade

Bloodwing is dropped from Bloodwings in Floating Land, Celestia.
Has a Firespear card.

Resolute Bloodbat is dropped from Cruor Bat in Ragweed Meadow, Last Wood, KH.
Has a Myth Fuel card.

Frosty Krokomummy is dropped from Itennu Sokkwi, Grand Arena, Krok.

Furious Krokomummy is dropped from Shambling Ahnic in Ahnic Family Tomb, Tomb of Storms, Krok  & Risen Djserits, Djserits Family Tomb, Tomb of Storms, Krok

Blustering Scamp is dropped from O'Leary Charlatan in Hyde Park, Marleybone.

Brown Recluse Spider - Dropped from Kumo Oni in the Pagoda of Harmony, Kembaalung
Thank you Paige Skyhaven!

Spellwrit Screamer - Dropped by one of the bosses of the Lost Pages event
Thank you Paige Skyhaven!

But there's a lot more left that are still undiscovered. If you find any, please post the name, location and if possible, picture of the pet in the comments below. Thank you!

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