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The New Homes For Your Trophies

Ever wanted something to place your trophies in? Roland Silverheart in Unicorn Way of Wizard City has brand new items for you!

Introducing the brand new trophy cases...

Roland now has six cool trophy cases that costs from 200-400 Arena Tickets. He also sells a trophy pedestal for 175 Arena Tickets.

For those who cannot afford glass cases for their trophies.

For those who have multiple trophies

This case has shelves splitting it into two areas within the case.

Perfect if you want to showcase a certain trophy!

Great for large and multiple trophies.

For those who have a lot of trophies, how I wish I was one...

For those who have a beautiful super tall trophy.

The Penalty Box for Rude Goblins

Alas, the pet wouldn't stay. It ran out. Those darn naughty little goblins! It's quite easy putting stuff in it. No equip button or anything. Just plain old pick up and place. 

Anyway, I can't wait for free tournaments event to come soon so I can earn a lot more arena tickets for those cute cases. I sure need to earn trophies first to fill them though. I have not gotten ONE. Yep, I stink!

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