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Book 15 Is Coming Soon For Pirate101!!

In April's KI Live Twitch live stream, the community managers of Wizard101 and Pirate101 has excitedly announced that Pirate101 is finally continuing its main story line in Summer 2016!

They got to show cool new areas in Valencia. Apparently we get to open up a new skyway and be able to explore this. In the video below, go to 3:00 which will show the new areas.

Watch live video from KingsisleEntertainment on www.twitch.tv

I know it has been a while. But remember in Aquila, in the very last dungeon, we were told that we had to sneak back into Valencia. I'm extremely curious to find out how we will sneak back in since we left them very angry last time.

The very first thing I noticed was the main land surrounding the giant machine in the back. This made me feel so excited. I can't wait to explore THAT! Who will we meet there? I hope wizards lol. I would take anything though.

Also the very next thing, I noticed was the islands. If you look carefully in the videos, there are quite many islands. The more, the better! This means we will get to explore quite a bit of this place. This is a good thing!

But one of them was quite intriguing. WHO LIVES HERE?! WHAT IS THIS? Is this like a governor's house or someone's home? I'm really curious about this. I am not surprised if this is a dungeon. 

When you walk or ride around on a bicycle, having the giant machine lurk in the background just makes you feel like the threat is so near and so scary. Will this place be the next to be destroyed and eaten by their giant machine? I hope not!

As you look around, you will notice guinea pigs standing in the street and horse soldiers. It seems so quiet and bare otherwise. Even the outside of the tavern, there's only a few people. You get the feeling that this city is a quiet, somber place.

Seems like we will be seeing a lot more unicorns in this part of Valencia. Very neat. Just remember, do not touch the horns. They get upset if you do that.

One thing I noticed right away while the pirate was exploring the city is that tower in the background! The way it leaned a bit made me immediately think of the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is a real life tower in Italy that literally really leans. Even over hundreds of years, it still has not fallen. I love it! I always loved history, so it was pretty neat to see it.

So What's Next?

Now, it's our duty to help Pirate101 by buying memberships and crowns. This is to show Pirate101 that YES we want this. YES we are interested. YES we want MORE of this. Pirate101 cannot grow without investments made by us, the paying customers. Pirate101 can't produce expansions or keep the game running without being paid. Keep that in mind.

Not only that, TELL Pirate101 how you feel about this. The more vocal we are, the more they will know that this is the direction we want them to go.

Honestly I'm so hyped for this. I've been waiting to explore and YES, we finally will soon. I just hope that it won't be just Valencia we will be exploring, but an extra new world as well. If so, then I will be the happiest pirate in the spiral!

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