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The Day 12 Daily Assignment Quest!

Have you looked at the Daily Assignment calendar and wondered what the exclamation point day meant? I will be able to show you the entire dialogue and tell you what happened. Do not read this blog post if you do not want to know and want to be surprised on your own.

So it's THAT day, the Day 12, where we get to find out what that exclamation point is. I eagerly logged into the game and visited Aegon in Ravenwood, Wizard City. When I spoke with Aegon, he told me to go to the Festival Park in Cyclops Lane first for a reading.

Once I arrived in Cyclops Lane, I got a message saying that the reading was complete!

The Festival Park of Cyclops Lane

But it doesn't end there. Once I completed that, I got a new quest! 

So I checked my book and there it was!

Here's the complete quest dialogue:

So I quickly ran over to the Unicorn Way to find out what's going on. Ooh the intrigue!

Hello again, Aegon.

Followed by WHO?!

And I slowly walked over to the cauldron, letting my badge be exposed to it.

Destroy Wizard City? Say what?

After this, I ran back to Ravenwood to speak with him there.

By the way, my badge was not literally glowing hot pink as a permanent change after this quest was complete. 

So, this means that every 15 days, we get to complete a quest. We now know that's what is going on with the exclamation point and what its purpose is. But the quest itself seems quite interesting. There's a mystery that's hidden here. What is going on with those Pekrons? Is this naturally occurring or is someone causing them? This is quite curious. I mean, those Pekrons if not managed properly would have blown up Wizard City in half? Now that's scary!

I have to admit that this quest will make me keep doing the Daily Assignments because I can't give up not knowing what is going on. And I mean, it's a quest! It's something to look forward to! I can't wait for the next quest and I'm already counting down the days until that day.

I am honestly very pleased about this part of the Daily Assignments. It is my favorite thing out of all of those rewards. My second favorite would be the chest rewards of course, hahaha. I got good stuff out of those chests so far.

I sure hope that this motivates you to try out the Daily Assignments and join the fun!

The Day 12 Daily Assignment Quest! The Day 12 Daily Assignment Quest! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Thursday, April 21, 2016 Rating: 5

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