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How Many Seeds Can You Store?

The Gardening Benefit is back! That means double seeds, double mega snacks and more! But if the gardening benefit made you wonder just how many seeds your character could hold and store using the Seed Vaults only, I will help you figure that out. And I also will tell you just how many seed vaults you need to hold the maximum amount of seeds you can store.

First, we'll figure out just how many seed vaults we could hold. Remember each house holds one seed vault inside and one seed vault outside, so that's two seed vaults per house.

40 houses for one character
80 seed vaults for one character
240 houses per account
480 seed vaults per account

Now to figure out how many seeds our seed vaults could hold.

1 seed vault holds 100 seeds
80 seed vaults holds 8000 seeds for one character
480 seed vaults holds 48,000 seeds per account

As a bonus, I have figured out how many mega snacks you could earn if you could plant all of them. Keep in mind, this is based on the Evil Magma Peas & Deadly Helephant seeds. Too bad this is just a pipe dream.

Normal Harvest is when there's no Gardening Benefit. Remember, during Gardening Benefit, we receive double rewards which means double mega snacks, double seeds, so on and so on.

48,000 seeds could give 48,000 Mega Snacks during Normal Harvest.
48,000 seeds could give 96,000 Mega Snacks during the Gardening Benefit.

But if we could use up all 350 housing space for each house for the gardens.

350 plants per house x 40 houses for one character = 14,000 plants
14,000 plants x 6 characters for the account = 84,000 plants

For One Character:
That would give you 14,000 Mega Snacks during Normal Harvest.
That would give you 28,000 Mega Snacks during Gardening Benefit.

For The Entire Account:
That would give you 84,000 Mega Snacks during Normal Harvest.
That would give you 168,000 Mega Snacks during Gardening Benefit.

This would never happen because if you actually were able to plant all of those seeds, you would never have the time to sleep. Like the famous gardener, Timothy Titan, said...

"By the time you finally finish planting the last seeds, the ones you planted at the beginning will be ready to be harvested at elder."

So the time you are done, you would have to start all over again. Hope this blog post was interesting. It certainly was to me. After Timothy Titan corrected my math that is.

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