Friday, May 27, 2016

My Theory Of How Valencia Part II Ends

I was thinking about how the story could go in the great machine. Suddenly, I had a crazy idea.

What if we enter the great machine and we are able to stop Kane? BUT he already turns on a giant robot or something equally as bad that gets released into the spiral before Kane could stop it in time. And us going, "OH SHOOT, WE WERE SO CLOSE!"

Again we have to do a chase throughout the spiral running after the evil being whoever it is to stop it, but this time with Kane along with Queen and Phule helping us. Without Kane and his robot friends, there's NO CHANCE of stopping whoever it is. Even with their help, the new enemy is still extremely formidable.

That giant being in that photo where we see our mother along with Catbeard and others we have met on our journey in the spiral made me think of Frankenstein and his monster. Like the doctor resurrected his own monster and the monster in turn went on the rampage. Maybe that giant being is involved acting like Frankenstein's monster with Kane as the Frankenstein doctor.

This way the Armada is still involved with the story, but in a different role. Maybe we could even have the Armada Elite as companions. And the new enemy is an Armada robot, but a lot more sinister, evil and tougher. With the new enemy, we are still fighting the Armada, but a different person this time. A new person. A giant monster robot. When the story is set up this way, we get a new enemy without losing much in the story.

Would you guys like this or not?

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