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New School Furniture from Wizard101!

The House-A-Palooza has arrived for the week and with it, the brand new school furniture has finally arrived! I have taken pictures of all of the items that comes in the school furniture set packs below just for you!

Click on the invididual photos to get a bigger view of it.


The water in the sink literally boils as well as in the bathtub. Actually, call it a hot tub.

When activated, the fireplace will make the fire symbol glow above it.

Feel like dinner? You can serve food on the stove top.


Excuse our slimy green water, the plumbing is bad.

That ghost will keep looking at you no matter where you go in the room.

Notice the floating candlestick holder?

This spirit will often disappear and appear in the bed.


Better be careful while eating at that table, the Minotaur is not a very nice fellow.

The eye above the fireplace will watch you no matter where you go.


The bathtub has two spouts, one cold and another hot.


Using item identify, I have confirmed that this school's furniture is also dropped from Omen in Polaris.


Instead of including a fireplace, they replaced it with a healing well that will release butterflies once you activate it.

Notice the bathtub has mini rainbows?


The upper cupboards will rain. Could be a great glitch idea for a shower.

The coffee tank is also an aquarium.

Yes, the bed is a literal cloud. The best mattress in the spiral.

The mirror is a porthole that will show you a swimming fish every once in a while and yes the bathtub is quite electrifying.

You can get them now in the Crown Shop for 22500 Gold or 3995 Crowns. The regular price of this pack during the rest of the year is 4500 Crowns. Better grab it now before the House-A-Palooza is over!

If you cannot afford the gold or crown price, please be aware that the entire furniture sets up above can be found from Fishing. I am betting that each school furniture set is obtainable from fishing at its school house. Fire furniture at the Fire house, Myth furniture at the Myth house and don't take my word for it, it's just a guess!

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