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The Hoarders of Wizard City


The Hoarders of Wizard City

Have you hoarded something in game? I know I have. I mean I'm a secret dragon. Don't tell others okay? Please? While cleaning up my attic, bank, shared bank and my own backpack, I keep finding things that made me go, "Why did I save this?!"

Here's My Top 5 Hoarded Items

Treasure Cards

Before Wizard101 expanded our Treasure Cards storage to 999, it was a super hard time holding on precious cards that you thought that you might need for future crafting, PvP and more.

But even with space for 999 treasure cards, I keep finding myself maxing out. Thank god for card holders on other accounts.... The problem is... I don't remember what they do ALREADY have.


For decorators, you know what I'm talking about. You save everything because what if there's a new house or a new decorating idea. For some reason, I kept buying Sparse Fronds. Probably because I remember having such a hard time finding enough to craft a house with it. At my Avalon house, I actually have extra wood arcane walls that I bought from the bazaar then left at my house and did not do anything with for ... forever... Silly me for thinking that I would want to build a second floor.


I can't even trash a pet to save my life. I keep thinking, well but maybe they're good as decoration. Maybe they will turn out good in the future with great talents? So many what ifs. But then I forget where I put all of them and which ones are decoration or not. Story of my life.


"Miss.. MISS! You have too many of a certain reagent which is why you just lost your reagent reward." Yes, YES, I know, Wizard101.. Yes, I have 999 Mist Wood... Don't ask me why I have that many.

Gardening Seeds

THANK GOD FOR SEED VAULTS! But really though, I save as many as I can. I saved a lot because I thought I would like to someday plant them at certain houses then Second Spring them. But I keep finding out that I keep forgetting or do not have the time nor the energy. I mean LITERAL ENERGY as in the green stuff in that potion thingy.

What about you? Have you hoarded similar stuff or something else that isn't listed?

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