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What To Do When You Get A Nasty Comment?

I know all of us have encountered various different of comments on our Facebook pages, our Twitter pages, under our Blogs and Articles. You find them everywhere, even in your emails. Or random people on the street. As a Deaf person, I have met some ignorant people. But the thing is, how do you respond? 

Most people react by lashing out and attacking others. Two wrongs do not make a right. I have learned that it's best to ignore it. Yes, it is best to ignore it. Otherwise, it'll turn into a flaming war and in a way, you are proving them right. It gives them more ammunition to turn the tables on you and act like you are the real bad guy which isn't true. 

I know it's too easy to get angry and want to fight back to defend yourself. It's even easier on social media where you feel like all you're doing is yelling at your computer screen. But don't forget, yes there are actually other people behind that same computer screen that you are yelling at.

Trolls thrive on chaos. They love to twist things and make you angry, so they can laugh at you and feel like they have won. I strongly suggest that you do not let them win. 

Here's five examples of what kind of comments you might receive.

Generally Rude People

Example: "You're such a b****! Don't tell me what to f******* do! You think you're so smart, sl*t?!

Know It Alls

Example: "I have gone to college and you have not, therefore I know better than you because obviously I am smarter. What you're saying is incredibly inaccurate. I know my masters degree proves what I know to be the truth."

People Who Degrade You

Example: "I suggest that you should go and pick up a book more often. You're so dumb, hahaha. By the way, you should invest in a treadmill, just saying..."

People Who Like Big Words

Example: "This discussion is positively exhausting and trite. It is clear that this topic lacks creativity and intelligence. What you are stating is misleading and I have no energy to listen to an artificial person such as you."

Personal Attacks

Example: "Did y'all know that she owes Billy 700 bucks? Yes you, Sandy, are full of bulls***. Plus she's dating a guy who has a baby mama LOL. What an idiot!"

Religious Attacks

Example: "According to my religious beliefs, homosexuality is sinful and not natural. It even says so in the bible. I will pray for you." Or "Oh just because you believe in God, you think that you are so perfect that you can't do any wrong? So bogus!"

I know some of you will be upset and can't really ignore. I understand that it's difficult when you feel extremely hurt and angry, but try your very best. 

Do not forget - Block, Mute, Unfriend, Spam Folder and so many more are your best friends on social media. Use them with a heavy finger, just slam on that button right away once you get a nasty comment. That's how you win.

But if they continue to harass you using multiple accounts, report them to the social media's authority that you are using and you might have to possibly turn your account into a private one to block further attacks. They are not worth your time even trying to stop. They will drag more people into it and encourage them to attack you as well. That's how bullies operate.

If you need to talk to someone, talk to anyone. Your parents, your friends, your siblings, anyone who would lend an ear and give you a hug when you need it.

Above all, stay strong and remember that they are just a drop in the sea. There are many more who are kind, friendly and want to be your friend than your enemy. Me included.

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